Umno chosen by God, says Reezal


Hazlan Zakaria, Malaysiakini

Umno is the party chosen by God to liberate the chosen land of Malaysia and to uplift the chosen race of the Malays, claimed Umno Youth information chief Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

“Remember, we are mukhtarin, the chosen ones,” he told the Umno general assembly while debating the president’s address.

As such, he said that no matter how people want to choose otherwise or have the right as humans to make their own choices, they must realise that they are bound by God’s dictates.

And God’s choice, he said, is that the assembled delegates are Malays living in the chosen land of Malaysia and is to be liberated and administered by Umno.

He explained that God is the true authority over all governments and shall give power to those that He has chosen.

‘Umno united Malays under Islam’

Reezal also reminded Malays that Umno is the party that uplifted them, united them and gave them dignity.

“What is there of the Malays before Umno came along?”

The Malays before Umno, he claimed, were a race of people fragmented by sectarian identities amongst the subracial groups like those from Java, Banjars, Sabah Malays and Indian Muslims.

It was the party, he claimed, which united the various Malay groups as one under Islam and the constitutional provision that defines everyone who is a Muslim, practices Malay customs and speaks the Malay language is a Malay.