‘For Indians’ sake, let’s talk to Pakatan’

MIC leader S Vell Paari is proposing that the party holds unity talks with Indian opposition and NGO leaders in order to address the community’s woes.

B Nantha Kumar, FMT

MIC, which is the largest Indian-based political party in the country, should initiate talks with Indian opposition and NGO leaders for the betterment of the community.

This suggestion was put forth by MIC communication chief S Vell Paari during the party’s recent Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting.

He told FMT that MIC should aggressively pursue the idea of holding unity talks with Indian leaders whether from DAP or PKR and work towards a united approach to solving the community’s woes.

“If Umno can invite PAS for such talks on Malay unity, why not MIC? The unity talk would only strengthen the community and enable it to make certain demands that is good for the community.

“A united front would be the way to go for Malaysian Indians.

“Mistakes were made in the past but we must ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated. If not our children and granchildren would face the same predicaments,” he added.

Citing the Hindraf rally in 2007, Vell Paari said that the movement had invited MIC to a discussion then but the latter turned it down.

“We refused Hindraf’s invitation just to defend Umno’s stand of banning Hindraf and declaring it an illegal movement.

“But today, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is ready to talk with Hindraf to gain votes in the upcoming election. Thus, it is clear that the current situation is different,” he said.

“I am sure those in the opposition also want a better life for the community. So let’s start by working together,” he added.

Vell Paari, who is the son of former MIC president S Samy Vellu, revealed that the CWC had not made a decision on his proposal.

He also stressed that the unity talk proposal was his personal stand.