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AG Gani Patail has seen Rosli’s witness statement and he is worried. It is explosive. It tells the real story behind why they brutally arrested and charged him one day before Hari Raya in 2007. Why else would AG Gani Patail ask the Judge, Hue Siew Kheng, to not allow Rosli to give his witness testimony if Gani was not afraid of Rosli’s tell-all evidence? Gani is afraid. That is very clear.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Why is the Attorney General so afraid of allowing lawyer Rosli Dahlan have his say in court? Well, maybe the previous reports on the issue can enlighten you as to why.

Ahah! Did we not say so?

According to Tajudin Ramli: “At all material times, I was acting as a nominee and agent of the Government and in the performance of a public duty and I was bound to act under the instructions and directions from the government.”

Malaysia Today, 12 August 2011 (READ MORE HERE)

10th episode: Now let’s see how else MAS was plundered

Since 15th August 2010, Malaysia Today published nine reports on how Tajudin Ramli plundered MAS and reduced this airline company from a surplus of more than RM600 million to a deficit in excess of RM8 billion. Malaysia Today also showed documents to not only prove this but also to prove that there was collusion between the AG Chambers, MACC and PRDM to sweep this entire episode under the carpet. But that is not the whole story. Today, we are going to show you how else MAS was plundered.

Malaysia Today, 27 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

The police and AG Chambers colluded to cover up the fraud in MAS

On 20th May 2009, Shahari Sulaiman, the Managing Director of MASKargo, lodged a report with the MACC alleging, amongst others, that when Tajuddin Ramli took over MAS it had more than RM600 million in cash reserves and when he left seven years later the national airline company had accumulated losses of more than RM8 billion. He also gives details of Tajuddin’s various fraudulent dealings plus he raises allegations of collusion between the Malaysian police (PDRM) and the AG Chambers.

Malaysia Today, 23 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

The web of deceit

Datuk Ramli Yusuff, the head of the CCID, managed to untangle the web of deceit and presented to the prime minister the corporate and organisation chart of Tajuddin Ramli’s holdings and cross-holdings plus that of his family, his cronies and his mistress, Wan Aishah Wan Hamid. The prime minister decided to do nothing. Was this because his own family would also be implicated if the shit were to hit the fan?

Malaysia Today, 22 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

How the RM9 billion ‘hole’ was left to the taxpayers

In seven years, Tajuddin Ramli turned a profitable airline company that had more than half a billion ringgit in cash reserves into a company that was RM8 billion in deficit. In March 2007, the head of the CCID, Ramli Yusuff, wrote to the Prime Minister, going into great detail about what happened. But it was Ramli and not Tajuddin who was dragged before the courts on various fabricated charges — where he was acquitted without his defence being called.

Malaysia Today, 21 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

Tajuddin Ramli enters into a contract with himself

In May 2005, Dato’ Ong Jyh Jong, the Senior General Manager Cargo of MAS, made a police report (12532/05) at the Dang Wangi Police Station alleging that Tajuddin Ramli entered into many fraudulent contracts. The police report was made on the instructions of MAS’s Board of Directors. One such contract involves Advanced Cargo Logistics of Germany, which is a company owned by Tajuddin himself.

Malaysia Today, 20 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

Eight years and still counting

On 4th January 2002, Mohamadon Abdullah, the Senior General Manager Corporate Services of MAS made a police report (number 347/02) at the Dang Wangi Police Station about a crime committed in 2000. That was eight years ago and the crime was committed ten years ago — but then who’s counting? Even the MACC has stopped counting.

Malaysia Today, 19 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

The MACC says thanks but no thanks

On 6th July 2010, the lawyers for Malaysian Airlines (MAS) wrote to the MACC. A copy of that letter was also sent to the MACC Chief. On 22nd July 2010, the MACC replied that since two police reports about the same matter had already been made (back in 2002 and 2004), then the MACC will not get involved and will let the police investigate the matter instead. This means the MACC is ‘washing its hands’ over the matter.

Malaysia Today, 18 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

The MACC Chief can’t plead ignorance

Thus far we have come out with two reports on the MAS scandal. Just in case the MACC Chief tries to plead ignorance, we are going to show you a copy of the letter that he received from the lawyers acting on behalf of MAS. This letter was smuggled out of the MACC office. You can see the ‘pointing finger’ stamp plus the acknowledged receipt chop and signature.

Malaysia Today, 17 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

The MAS scandal: what the MACC swept under the carpet and marked NFA

On 20th May 2009, Malaysian Airlines (MAS) wrote to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and lodged a report (no. 119/2009) with regards to an act of corruption by its previous Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli, which MAS asked the MACC to investigate.  The MACC report also refers to two previous police reports made on 4th January 2002 and 4th May 2004.

Malaysia Today, 16 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

Abu Kassim Mohamed, are you now going to resign?

On Saturday, 31st July 2010, the MACC Chief, Abu Kassim Mohamed, pledged to resign if any graft reports were not investigated by his agency. Tomorrow, Malaysia Today is going to reveal reports, letters and documents of one such corruption case that has been swept under the carpet. Malaysia Today’s question to Abu Kassim is: will you now resign?

Malaysia Today, 15 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)

Long before Dato’ Ramli Yusuff, the former Director of the CCID, and his lawyer, Rosli Dahlan, got into trouble with the authorities in 2007, Malaysia Today had already revealed the connection between the then IGP, Musa Hassan, and the loan shark (a.k.a. ahlong) syndicate of Goh Cheng Poh @ ‘Tengku’ Goh.

Malaysia Today had warned Rosli to distance himself from Dato’ Ramli and the then Home Minister, Johari Baharom. However, Rosli not only did not listen, he even volunteered to act for Dato’ Ramli as the latter’s lawyer when the IGP tried to fix him (Dato’ Ramli) up on fabricated corruption, abuse of power, and failure to declare assets charges.

Malaysia Today had known all along that IGP Musa Hassan is the underworld boss who was giving protection to the BK Tan/Tengku Goh crime syndicate. That was why AG Gani Patail refused to prepare the CCID’s affidavits and subsequently released ‘Tengku’ Goh on what was rumoured for a payment of a few million Ringgit. (Later they tried to pin a RM5.5 million bribe charge on Johari Baharom on the allegation that he had released a few underworld bosses).

Other than his ‘crime’ of acting as a lawyer for Dato’ Ramli, the IGP’s sworn enemy, Rosli was representing MAS in its suit against Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli, the airline’s ex-Chairman who had plundered the company to the tune of billions. It was actually a national project to enrich certain people who walked in the corridors of power — a sort of ‘backdoor’ Malay Affirmative Action Plan but only for the Umnoputeras.

That was the reason why no action was taken against Tajudin and also why last year Nazri Aziz publicly announced that the Government will make an out-of-court settlement with Tajudin. And that, too, was was why AG Gani Patail plus his wife and son were ‘hosted’ for a Hajj trip with Tajudin’s proxy, Shahidan Shafie, the former Officer-in-Charge of Secret Societies in Johor — BK Tan’s and ‘Tengku’ Goh’s home state — who was charged for corruption in 1990.

Because of his recalcitrancy, on 11 October 2007, Rosli was brutally arrested in his office by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) — now called the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) — in full view of his staff. He was then locked up overnight like an animal in the MACC underground cell and then, the following day, was paraded through the Jalan Duta Court corridors to face a trumped-up charge of ‘not replying to ACA’s letter’ (although he did reply to that letter).

However, Rosli was acquitted of this frivolous charge in 2011 and the AG, who had initially wanted to appeal the acquittal, made a last minute withdrawal of the appeal application.

Rosli then launched a RM50 million law suit for criminal conspiracy, wrongful arrest, assault and defamation against the most powerful Umno-owned newspaper, Utusan Malaysia, the MACC, the Government and various MACC officers.

The AG Chambers, however, is blocking Rosli from being allowed to take the witness stand and tell his side of the story (see the Malaysiakini report below).

AG Gani Patail has seen Rosli’s witness statement and he is worried. It is explosive. It tells the real story behind why they brutally arrested and charged him one day before Hari Raya in 2007. Why else would AG Gani Patail ask the Judge, Hue Siew Kheng, to not allow Rosli to give his witness testimony if Gani was not afraid of Rosli’s tell-all evidence? Gani is afraid. That is very clear.

So the predictable thing would happen. They will tire Rosli down, make him spend astronomical legal costs, drag the case, make technical objections to delay the case, as they are doing now, and, after all that, they will still not allow Rosli to take the witness stand and tell his story. And Malaysians will never know what Rosli was going to say in court.

But no worries. If that happens on 28 December 2012, Malaysia Today will fill in the gaps for you. You see, the Malaysian Courts now has a new e-filing system. What most people do not realise is that this e-filing system is created by friends of Malaysia Today. As documents are filed in court using this e-filing system, they are routed to Malaysia Today’s secret server.

So, if what Malaysia Today says is going to happen and they do block Rosli from telling his story, we will post all the evidence regarding this case. Malaysians will then understand what a screwed-up country Malaysia is. Did I not say that Malaysia Today has eyes and ears in Bukit Aman, the AG’s Chambers and the judiciary? If not, how we would know who is bonking whom in the AG’s Chambers and how the boardroom has been turned into a bedroom?


AG moves to silence Rosli on roles of Gani, Musa

(Malaysiakini) – In a bid to silence lawyer Rosli Dahlan, the Attorney-General’s Chambers today objected to him giving evidence on matters pertaining to the ‘Copgate affair’ involving attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan.

Rosli applied to Kuala Lumpur High Court judge Hue Siew Kheng, in chambers, to allow him to read his witness statement in open court, which the judge allowed.

However, Rosli’s lawyer Chethan Jethwani said, senior federal counsel Azizan Md Arshad, representing the officers from the (then) Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and the government, objected to certain portions of Rosli’s testimony.

Following this, Justice Hue fixed Dec 28 to hear submissions on the matter and ordered Azizan to file a formal application to expunge those portions before the application is heard on that day. The judge also fixed Jan 25 for to hear Rosli’s testimony.

Azizan argued that third parties were named in the statement of the witness, which was why the AG’s Chambers was objecting.

It is learnt that the objection arose because Rosli’s testimony would touch on the role of Musa and Gani in Rosli’s charge of not complying with the ACA’s procedures to declare his assets, before the sessions court in 2007, on which he was acquitted without his defence called.

Rosli, 51, had named several officers in the ACA, the precursor to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, including present chief commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed and deputy head of prosecution Anthony Kevin Morais, as defendants in his RM50 million defamation suit.

He had also named Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia and its senior editor Mohd Zaini Hassan.

The lawyer, who had represented former Commercial Crime Investigations Department director Ramli Yusuff, in is seeking damages over defamatory statements made, the injury to his reputation, assault and false imprisonment.

Ramli, who was later charged by the ACA, was also acquitted of the five charges against him and the decision was further upheld by the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Yesterday, Justice Hue had called on the parties to try and settle the case and to take into account the decisions made by the other courts.

‘Arrest of Goh an act of disloyalty’

Rosli in his writ described the acrimonious relationship between Ramli and Musa and how the IGP had used the ACA and the AG’s Chambers to implicate him and Ramli following the arrest of an underworld kingpin, Goh Cheng Poh or ‘Tengku Goh’.

Rosli said he acted for Ramli and the then deputy home minister Johari Baharom against Goh’s habeas corpus application in 2007, after the AG’s Chambers refused to draw up their affidavits.

He said Musa saw the arrest of Goh as disloyalty on the part of Ramli, resulting in the IGP initiating further ACA investigations against Ramli. This resulted in a strained relationship between Musa and Ramli and Johari.

Rosli further claimed that he earned the wrath of Musa and the attorney-general when he drew up the affidavits for Ramli and Johari, and this led to the ACA investigations against him and his subsequent arrest.

He said an ACA officer kicked his leg, twisted his arms and handcuffed him tightly, resulting in lacerations and swelling of his wrists.

He gave his statement at the ACA headquarters, but was held overnight and taken to court and charged on the eve of Hari Raya, on Oct 27, 2007. These were malicious actions out to tarnish his image, he added in his writ.