Is Green Walk a death knell for MCA?

Shen Yee Aun

The Wrong Political Benchmark of Strength

The numbers in any political event is not the right and accurate benchmark to indicates any political party weakness and strength. I wonder how can the former MCA Research Head , Stanley Koh is his article claimed that the current Himpunan Hijau Protest is a sign of a death knell for MCA ?


Number Facts 1

In the past when Barisan Nasional was at their peak , we also can see a large numbers of people attending all the DAP and pro opposition ceramah that can made up to easily 10 000 crowds in most area and DAP still lost in most of the previous General Election .


Number Facts 2

Most of MCA Mega Dinner is having a range of 5000 – 15 000 people in each division that the organized. Did MCA ever claim that this mega dinner with such a huge number of crowd is sign of MCA will be winning in General Election or in another way Pakatan Rakyat is currently losing their strength to win in the next General Election ?

The total number of series of MCA Mega Dinner by now easily will reach 100 000 Malaysians and in this case MCA only claimed that they are recovering and way stronger than before. MCA will never take the numbers political game for granted to brag that it is a sign of their early victory.


Number Facts 3

In 1998 Reformasi there are easily way larger and bigger protest than all the current BERSIH and LYNAS rally added up all together but then again it never indicates the weakness of MCA performance in 1998 General Election .


Double Standard Political Benchmark

If a strength and weakness of any particular political party is just based on the impact of a protest then Stanley Koh should also include the 1500 NGO Rally with Barisan Nasional PWTC will also be the strength of the latest Barisan Nasional political strength?

Please do not forget that if we want to play numbers game , then 1500 NGO is a way bigger NGO compare to HIMPUNAN HIJAU as part of the only NGO in the entire country. If we are talking about number games then it will be 1 (PR) vs 1500 (BN).

What about the recent 2000 single mother protest against Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government that had cheated and manipulated them with their empty promise after taking over the state? If the political bench mark as simple as protest is equals to death knell for any political party then can we consider a list of protest against Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government after Mac 2008 is a sign of a death knell for Pakatan Rakyat? 

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