Hadi for PM? Here’s what he really said …


The Star has been going to town with Pas president Hadi Awang’s purported ambition to become Prime Minister. So I contacted Pas central working committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad to find out what was happening.

Anil Netto 

Listen from 50:45

It is not difficult to understand why The Star is playing this up. The MCA paper obviously wants to unnerve those who might be concerned about Pas leading a new federal government.

Dzul sizes up what Hadi really meant. “I was there when he touched on the subject,” says Dzul, “and I was listening carefully to every word he said.

“When Hadi welcomed the proposal by the ulama wing chief, he was talking in jest in a cynical way. ‘Syiok sahaja,’ he said.

“But he immediately added, if Islam was upheld, he would be willing to die the next day. 

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