BN must explain rise of apostasy

This ongoing Nurul Izzah bashing has exposed the true weaknesses of the Barisan Nasional regime. 

The onus is purely on the ruling coalition to explain to the nation in general what has happened under its rule and how “100,000 Muslims” became “apostates” today.

Amir Ali, FMT

The recent spate of criticism against Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of PKR de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, on the issue of religious freedom and the comments she made on the matter are at times hilarious and otherwise “fishy”.

According to the mainstream media (MSM), the MP for Lembah Pantai has breached an “Islamic” principle in calling for the “freedom” of religion of Muslims who want to leave Islam. And for that, she deserved jail or a severe sentence that would cripple her political career.

With this in mind, the “witch-hunters” are rubbing their hands at the prospects of hitting hard at PKR as the party that supports “apostasy”, hence a party that is against Malays, Islam and peace in the country.

Let’s take a look at the realities in Malaysia, when it comes to murtad or “apostasy”.

There’s no denying that there exist Malays who have left Islam and left the country altogether, thus taking the “freedom of religion” into their own hands.

There is also no denying that there are attempts by some forces, be they local or foreign, to champion the case of “apostates” in Malaysia.

These are prominent on the Internet and a simple search of “murtad” in Malaysia will reveal the extent of the discussions and the number of forums regarding the issue.

There are also reports by high-level personalities in Malaysia that “apostasy” has reached an alarming level in the country.

It is reported by some blogs such as that there are 100,000 murtads in Malaysia and the number is rising.

In the 1990s, some political figures who were in the opposition but have since climbed onto the Barisan National bandwagon indicated there were at least 5,000 cases of murtad in Malaysia. There is thus an undeniable increase in the number of Muslims who are leaving their faith.

Attacking Nurul Izzah on her comments is easy for the BN and Umno.

Not opposition’s responsibility

However, the responsibility as it is inscribed in Islam, rests with the people who are running the country.

It is not the responsibility of the “opposition” which incidentally is also not to be blamed for the rise in murtad in Malaysia.

The onus is purely on the ruling coalition to explain to the nation in general what has happened under its rule and how “100,000 Muslims” became “apostates” today.

The focus on Nurul Izzah is simply another political gimmick by the BN to divert attention from Janji Di-Capati which is the slogan used by the Pakatan Rakyat to debunk Janji Ditepati.

The opposition PKR and the PAS have no real reason to promote “apostasy” among Muslims. Hence, it is not possible to finger-point the opposition or its member Nurul Izzah on the matter.

The constant attacks on Nurul Izzah is altogether a desperate act by a regime that has failed in its “defence” of Islam as it has claimed this as its “success story”.

Thus, there is no way for the “rakyat” to believe that the opposition has a “hidden agenda” in promoting murtad in the country.

Nevertheless, deep within the Malay community, there are concerns that many among them who do not observe the rites and rituals of Islam are claiming to be “Bumiputeras”.

And these “lost folks” who are not really “Muslims” in their heart, are getting the benefits reserved for Malay-Muslims.

The question many are asking is whether there should be a clear distinction between the “true, Malay-Muslims” and the “apostates” who are surviving under the disguise of being “Muslims”.