Rumble in Jelapang

The writer, in his usual style, uses satire to question the warrior of Jelapang’s quest to recontest in Jelapang.

Iskandar Dzulkarnain, FMT

Deputy Perak Speaker Hee Yit Foong who quit DAP in 2009 to become a Barisan Nasional-friendly independent, expressed her interest to re-contest Jelapang again, saying that she will not run away from her constituents.

“I will be in Jelapang till death and not be a renegade,” she said, as the voters of Jelapang have accepted her decision as she has been serving them all this while.

What a pleasant surprise for the Jelapang folks. Her announcement is timely and noble of her to reassert her rights as an Independent elected state rep. MCA who is also eyeing the seat has expressed shocked at such a notion and promptly passed judgment that she is unlikely to win the seat.

But if she does contest in Jelapang, it is quite certain that any MCA candidate wouldn’t stand a chance in a three-cornered fight. Even the DAP candidate may lose his deposit under a heavyweight like Ms Hee. Yes, if there is anyone that can make mincemeat of the opposition, it would be none other than Hee Yit Foong.

A petite giant

Hee made headlines when she turned independent, leading to the fall of Perak state, much to the annoyance and sullen faces of Pakatan Rakyat.

From a nobody, she crawled up to be an MP and a Deputy Speaker. Today, she is an Independent DUN with a fiery ambition, and possesses a beautiful and desirous face that sells. In short she is candidate material and a winnable one too. She is the epitome of political mastery and an example for other aspiring politicians.

DAP should seriously woo her back again and apologise for her ill treatment. She is an asset to any coalition. If she happens to contest, DAP knows that the seat is as good as gone.

She has determination, self-dignity, loyalty, unselfish, focus and honesty. Such traits are not found in many candidates nowadays. You can be sure that she would not let her constituents down again.

A petite lass with a cute smile, somewhat handicapped but still willing to give her life to fight for the downtrodden masses.

Today, she is well known as the patriot of Jelapang and the warrior of Jelapang. Someone even called her St Joan of Arc – a famous French woman crusader who fought against the tyrants in the Royal Court.

A victim of hate propaganda

Why she became independent is still vague, but she had cited being bullied and she was tired of DAP internal politics. After making the brave decision to quit DAP, she became an innocent victim of hate propaganda out to tarnish her impeccable image.

She was even accused of being bought over for thousands of ringgit, even though there was no concrete proof.

Another rumour was that she was spurned by the DAP who denied her an official Toyota Camry vehicle which led to her walking out. And to top it all, she was blamed for the loss of the Perak state.

That is so unfair and you can hardly blame her, as once she turned independent, she obviously cannot be PR-friendly anymore.

The fact that she was seen later in a Mercedes Benz proves that she did not leave because of a miserable Camry?!

Today, Perak state is in good hands under the meticulous leadership of Zambry Abdul Kadir and efforts are underway to ensure that BN retains the state from falling into the wrong hands again. Kudos to her for such a fine job!

There are even critics who said that fielding a donkey against her; the donkey will win hands down. Now, that is rather absurd, as a donkey does not carry an IC and thus cannot become a candidate.

Secondly, if the donkey cannot garner enough votes and loses its deposit, how is anyone going to get the money out of that donkey?