PAS Youth slams party organs

(The Sun Daily) – PAS Youth slammed party organs Harakah and Harakah Daily today, claiming they had strayed from the original intent for which they were created.

Federal Territory Youth chairman Kamaruzaman Mohamad, who tabled the motion in the annual muktamar (general assembly), said the standard of reporting of the newspaper and news portal has deteriorated and their credibility as party organs is diminishing.

He said the PAS central committee should re-structure the editorial line-up for both the two media outfits.

“For example, when the crises involving our ex-leaders such as Nasharuddin Mat Isa and (Datuk) Hassan Ali surfaced, Harakah front-paged it.

“It should not have happened. Harakah as the party organ should hide this kind of stories and not publicised our leadership problems,” he said.

Kamaruzaman said Harakah has also carried several articles that promoted allegedly “deviant teachings”.

Delegates from Kedah and Selangor defended Harakah but the motion was strongly supported by almost all of the 800-strong representatives and will be brought to the the party’s muktamar that will start tomorrow.

On the other hand, the delegates rejected a motion for the wing to mobilise another rally calling for clean and fair elections, as a follow up to the July 9 Bersih 3.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur.

Tabling the motion, Malacca delegate Aminuddin Abdul Jalil argued that the rally must be held as the Election Commission had failed to address concerns raised over the integrity of the electoral roll.

“The Bersih (rally) is our (only) avenue … It is a people uprising and I am confident PAS Youth can play a leading role in this movement,” said Aminuddin.

His motion was supported by Pahang delegate Mohd Fadhil Noor Abdul Karim but objected by Kedah delegate Mohd Azan Awang and Johor delegate Sheikh Omar Ali.

Other motions accepted during the muktamar were to slam MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek on his anti-hudud statements; to postpone the implementation of the Automated Enforcement System; and to demonstrate against the Israeli offensive on Gaza after Friday prayers tomorrow.