Makkal Sakti!

Nicole Tan Lee Koon

I would like to comment on Aspan Alias latest article Kalau terasa akan kalah, biarkan sahaja Parlimen terbubar dengan sendirinya (READ HERE). In his article, he commented on how desperate BN are that they have to make use of the army and NGOs to organise their political functions in order to make the crowd. BN ended up spending the taxpayer’s money to fund these programmes.

Compare this to PR’s recently held Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat. There were no free food and lucky draws. 30,000 people came and supported us despite the rain!

I attended a Pakatan rally in Gemas for the launching of the NS manifesto in January this year. There were 6,000 people in the field with no free food or lucky draws. Most of them were sitting on the ground as there were no chairs provided.

I can still remember how effective Mat Sabu was. He greeted the crowd. Most importantly, he greeted the army and police personnel surrounding the area sent to keep a surveillance on the rally. He asked them how much they were paid and whether they have to pay interest for their housing and car loans. Then he told them that NFC took a RM250 million “loan” with no interest and need not pay back the government. He then asked them was that fair. He then told them not to risk their lives protecting people like that.

This is a very important point which we need to understand and share with fellow Malaysians. The wicked BN government will resort to the 3Rs (Race, Religion, Rulers) to divide and rule. It worked in 1969 when May 13th happened due to a racial riot. It worked in 1999 when most Chinese abandoned the opposition due to MCA’s Islamic state scare tactics.

Now, they are using the rulers to come after us. See Quantity Surveyor, Ahmad Abd Jalil’s case in Johor. See Nurul Izzah, how one ruler and one prince have come out to chastise Nurul Izzah. I am sure we can still remember what Madey said during the Rulers’ confrontation in 1993. Here is some excerpts : They were utterly seditious.

For e.g., Madey said, “The Government is forced to take a firm stand to protect the people from being oppressed by the Rajas. Certainly, this stand was not made because of just these two incidents alone. There have previously been many incidents where the Rajas oppressed the people, the Rajas broke civil and criminal laws, the Rajas misused Government and national funds and assets, the Rajas pressuring and oppressing government officials. The incident in Johor is only, with your permission, ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’. The people’s reaction to these incidents clearly shows that they no longer accept and ‘tolerate’ these kind of acts”.

The wicked BN may even resort to another evil plan to cause a riot of some sort in the event they lose the next general elections. Fear not! We outnumber them. We are being ruled by a minority, i.e. small group of elites in UMNO (as MCA and MIC are all yesmen). We can avoid this possibility if we can stand united to fight and oppose them. Makkal Sakti! People’s Power!