Oh My Malaysia Truly


The PM and DPM wished all Indians a very Happy Deepavali. Get your facts correct please. 

Malaysian not Asian okay! 

Oh you Chinese why do you only enrich yourselves when you can enrich your neighbours as well so that all can live happily and peacefully!

Oh you Malays why do you always want the best of both worlds? Why can’t you be more gracious and give some to the other Malaysians!

Oh you Indians! Why do you slay one another and commit atrocities to your fellow Malaysians? There is so much for the taking if only Indians study and work hard like your God fearing forefathers who came to this land from India.

Oh you Mamaks! (meant to be friendly not offensive) Why do you always play fiddle to the governments that are corrupt and their cronies. And why do your restaurants put up tables and chairs on the street until people can’t park or use the streets at night!

Oh you Satherjees! Why do you keep quiet and silent on so many matters that has engulfed the nation? Only Karpal and son seem to be lions of Khalistan! Where are the other Aslans that we so much need in dire times to uphold freedom and justice!

Oh you Sarawakians! Why do still let your beloved state be plundered and your tribesmen be brutalized by a mere handful of crooks? All the more when these crooks are married to white and foreign men and women! Wake up and deliver Sarawak from evil less you too be destroyed with it!

Oh You Sabahans! Why do you let illegal immigrants flood your land! Behold all you born in the land below the wind, make haste to flood them soon lest you be washed away in their flood!

Last but not least Oh you Johor Bahru! Why have you literally become the anus of Malaysia! Not a day goes by that I cannot stop cursing all the people responsible for making my beloved scenic seafront home town that it was the quagmire that it is today! Woe to all of you especially all those corrupt and incompetent federal and state officials!

P/S: Was watching the news on TV3 at 8PM on eve of Deepavali. A bit of advice to PM, DPM; kick your speech writers butts. The PM and DPM wished all Indians a very Happy Deepavali. Get your facts correct please. Only Indians of Hindu faith celebrate Deepavali and not all Indians! There are Indians who are Catholics, Christians, Jains, etc etc who do not celebrate Deepavali as it is a religious festival unlike the Chinese Lunar New Year. Saddens me that even after more than a century of Indians being in Malaya/Malaysia our leaders still can’t get this simple and basic racial, religious and cultural facts right!

And woe to all you Malaysians who read this and do nothing about making Malaysia better! But blessed be them who rise up to the occasions when they are needed! God Bless!

Yours Truly,
Malaysian not Asian okay!