BOMBA should go back to school 

Concerned citizen 

It was about 12.49pm. My friend tagged me on Facebook regarding a fire happening at Lido. Then more pictures appeared – a tyre shop was burning fiercely releasing thick black smoke. When I returned home from work at 6pm, it was raining heavily. After a function, I could still smell it. To my curiosity, I drove 5min from my home to the site and was shocked that it was still burning at 11.50pm. 

I talked to an officer asking about the situation. He said they used Foam at 2pm pointing at the whiteboard behind him. Now they are just using water to “cool” it down.

The burning obviously released a lot of toxic in the air for the past 12 hours and was still doing so at the time. I saw an exhausted fire fighter asleep at someone’s gate. Yet, they did not realize heavy rain and water does not help the situation? Fire fighters had to go to the site without masks. Sadly, their health was not taken into consideration too. Apparently they ran out of Foam and was too “expensive” to use more. Where do they think the twelve hours of chemical from the water they sprayed in will flow to? They should go back to study on how to put fire out accordingly and to use other options like “Sand/ Soil”.