MyCC: Flowers, Chickens, and Eggs?? 

The MyCC is proving to be just another toothless body who doesnt dare to investigate the “big fishes”.


I was stunned to read that MyCC (Malaysian Competition Commission) has decided to probe the poultry farmers this time, for supposedly “posibble uncompetitve practices”, due to culling of unproductive chickens.

What is the purpose of the MyCC?

“The Competition Act 2010 prohibits enterprises operating at the same level in the production chain to collectively agree to limit or control production of goods and services, because this could significantly distort competition”

MYCC, how on earth could possibly publishing monthly motor sales figures “distort competition”?

It actually helps us consumers to make a better informed decision, on which car model or brand to purchase, by checking which model is hot or slow selling.

The big question is, why is MyCC turning a blind eye to those big monopolies?

Think ASTRO, which ruled the pay-TV market, who keeps increasing the prices each year, or Proton and Perodua, which practically distorted competition by dividing the small and medium liter CC car models between themselves, not to mention the hefty excise duties on foreign car brands by the government.

How about the IPP industry, with their exorbitant rates and unfair terms and conditions that burden TNB and the rakyat?

Or the toll companies with the right to increase the toll charges every few years?

And, talking about tolls, it reminds us of the controversial AES. Why was the contract awarded to just two companies, which controlled two regions between themselves, North and South?

We could go on and on…

The MyCC is proving to be just another toothless body who doesnt dare to investigate the “big fishes”.

Instead of warning the motor industry that publishing or sharing their monthly sales figures could contravene the Act, it should investigate why APs are given to only a  few players that distort real world prices, and why Proton and Perodua are dividing the engine cc market between themselves.

Perhaps the task should be given to a new or other agencies to give MyCC “real competition”.

What have they done or achieved so far? Not much really, other than giving a few press statements.

According to press reports, the MyCC has investigated the cement industry, steel industry, the MAS-Airasia share swap, florists in Cameron Highlands, and now, the chicken industry.

Not to mention the ridiculous warning to car manufacturers that “publishing” their MONTHLY SALES figures could contravene the Act! 

That’s why you don’t see ANY monthly motor sales report in car magazines nowadays anymore.

The Act gave MyCC the power to fine the parent company of any foreign business doing business here in Malaysia, even though the culprit is the subsidiary!

Under the Act, if any company is found to have infringed the law, they may be imposed a penalty of not more than 10% of their worldwide turnover besides being imposed other remedial orders.

Imagine a multinational parent company with RM8 billion in annual sales, fined 10%, which come up to RM800 million, just for the action of it’s subsidiary here in Malaysia.