Nurul: I never condoned apostasy

The PKR vice president says that a Muslim must adhere to the syariah code, similar to the rule that Malaysians must adhere to the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

G Vinod, FMT

PKR vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar today denied voicing support for Muslims to leave their religion as reported by the media several days ago.

“Once you become a Muslim, you are bound to the Islamic principles enshrined under the syariah code, just like Malaysians are bound to the provisions of the Federal Constitution,” she said in a statement today.

Two days ago, Nurul was reported as saying that religious freedom should be accorded to everyone, including the Malays, in a forum titled “Islamic state? Which vision? Whose responsibility.”

“How can anyone say (freedom of religion) only apply to the non-Muslims, it has to be applied equally.

“In Quran, there is no specific term to the Malay as how it should be done,”she was reported as saying when asked on whether Malays should be allowed religious freedom.

Nurul, who is also Lembah Pantai MP, said that she was merely quoting a verse from Surah al-Baqarah of the al-Quran which guarantees religious freedom to all mankind.

“And I also mentioned that I support education process to Muslims for them to better understand their religion and strengthen their faith to Islam,” she said.

Nurul criticised certain quarters who tried to portray her as being apostasy-friendly with her statement at the forum.

“I regret the fact that some people had tried to spin my words by saying I’m dismissive on matters of faith and I can easily accept apostasy,” she said.