GE13: Targeting Perak

Let us not be greedy. Let us leave Gerik and Lenggong for BN.

Sakmongkol AK47

Where to attack in Perak? Many of us like to know where we can hit BN where it hurts. This is the first of several articles, where I have identified the places I think are worthwhile to mount our attacks.

Let us start with Perak. If we focus our attacks on Larut, Parit, Tapah, Pasir Salak, Bagan Datok and Tanjung Malim, we will leave only two seats for BN to win in Perak. That will be Gerik and Lenggong. In an earlier article, I said, BN will win only 7 parliamentary seats. Let us make that 2.

The more important strategy is to take the federal seats to allow PR to form the federal government. States that do not fall under PR will run to form state coalition governments.  Najib says melancholically in Penang that he does not mind other people taking over his PMship- but he fears under Pakatan, the country will go bankrupt. Come on Mr PM, it is not like you are the only person who can do the job of PM and it is not that only Barisan can run the country.

You have spent more than you earned for the last 16 years since 1998.  I have said it before and now will repeat- if Najib can become PM, so can everyone else.

Targeting Perak

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