Malaysians are very emotional about their politics, particularly in their political allegiance. For most of us, it’s either black or white, with no shades of grey in between. One either loves or hates a political party, and one either loves or hates a political leader.

UMNO or PKR supporters wakakaka

It’s called tribalism, and of the most acute Mrymidon-ish kind. But it’s a more recent political phenomenon in Malaysia, coming into prominence after, I suspect, the acrimonious Mahathir-Anwar split.

Hence I see it’ll be unlikely for Malaysian politics to develop into a mature 2-party system, let alone ever entertain that nebulous word ‘bipartisanship’.

But there are other forms of emotions (including wakakaka-ism) that would rack us from time to time. Let me provide the following examples from my personal experience:

(a) Malaysiakini – ‘Scorpenes to prevent repeat of 1511 attack on Malacca’

My emotion: First I guffawed at the ludicrousness of such an assertion. Then I cringed (and still do) with shame and embarrassment that such a moronic absurd statement could come from the mouth of Malaysia’s top naval man, RMN chief Laksamana Abdul Aziz.

Portuguese man-of-war

How the f* did we go so very wrong in the development of our military officers?

As Sakmongkol AK47 wrote in The Malaysian Insider’s The Navy Chief and the MCA Aryan Race:

“We must remember to sack the imbecilic navy chief when PR takes over the government. […] The reason given by the navy chief must be taken as signs of incompetence spawned by an inept and corrupt government.”

I like Sak’s use of the word ‘imbecilic’ to describe that half-baked sailor and his half-past six nonsense.

(b) Malaysiakini – DAP’s war truck goes missing in Johor

DAP truck named ‘Afonso de Albuquerque’, wakakaka 

My emotion: Ashamed that some people would resort to this sort of childish hooliganism. But DAP should take comfort that the truck was probably requisitioned as an essential war requirement for the defence of our shores … against those marauding Portuguese, wakakaka.

(c) The Malaysian Insider – Arrested youth’s family fear Johor palace interference, urge cops to help

My emotion: Oh no, not again. But then, where is Dr Mahathir when you need him, wakakaka.

F* you ungrateful bastards, wakakaka

(d) The Malaysian Chronicle – ‘Bin’ & ‘Binti’ RUSE to force Islam on bumiputra Christians in Sabah & S’wak?

My emotions: What! Then snatching dead bodies, now snatching live ones!

The word ‘bin’ (from ‘ben’) is of Middle-Eastern origin, where we had:

Yeshua ben Yosef (Isa bin Yusuf – I hope you recognize this name; if you don’t, ask my blogging mateys Susan Loone or Lucia Lai),

Jaazaniah ben Shaphan (taken from Ezekiel 8:11, Orthodox Jewish Bible), and

a relatively more recent one, David ben Gurion, etc.

I wonder whether they were Muslims?