‘My son was no criminal’

A distraught VP Rajah says despite two Indonesians being sent to the gallows for murdering his son, R Karthic, the authorities are portraying him as a burglar.

G Vinod, FMT

Upset with media reports and authorities labelling his murdered son as a burglar, VP Rajah, has come forward to defend his son, R Karthic’s honour.

“I’m licensed money changer, own a plantation business and run a mini market. My son helps me in my trade and I pay him about RM10,000 in monthly salary and commissions.

“I’m also a former treasurer of the Negeri Sembilan PPP and Karthic was a youth member of the party. Tell me, is there any reason for my son to become a burglar?” asked Rajah, 51.

On Dec 3,2010, Karthic was found murdered at a shophouse in Taman Sri Sunga Pelek, Sepang. Eyewitnesses claimed he tried to enter a shoplot unit through an opening in the ceiling.

However, two Indonesian brothers guarding the shop were said to have spotted Karthic and killed him before fleeing the scene.

Frans Hiu and Dharry Frully Hiu were sentenced to death on Oct 19 by Shah Alam High Court judge, Nurchaya Arshad.

Relating his ordeal, Rajah said that Karthic went to the shop at about 9am on that day to collect RM5,000 he loaned to his friend, Leong Wai Yiaw, who was working at the shop.

“He was supposed to leave for India on that day but decided to get his money first,” said Rajah.

He added that Karthic and his girlfriend Juliet Rani Nadarajah were waiting downstairs of the shoplot before being dragged upstairs  by four men.

“The day market was operating then and many can vouch for this. Even my brother in law, R Murugan, was there shopping and saw Karthic being taken upstairs,” he said.

Rajah claimed that he received a frantic call from his wife at about 11am saying that Murugan had heard a commotion at the shoplot.

Rajah said that when he arrived at the scene, he was stopped by a police officer from entering the crime scene.

“The officer, named Corporal Asrul even refused to tell us what happened. Only after three hours, did he break the news to us.

“He even accused my son of breaking into the shop while the investigations were going on. He just dismissed me,” said Rajah.

Two still at large

Rajah accused investigating officer, ASP Zaiharul, and the deputy public prosecutor Yusof Rahman of working in cahoots with the shop operator to pin the blame on his son.