‘BN has Pakatan’s dirty laundry list’

(NST) – Barisan Nasional is in possession of every minute detail relating to Pakatan Rakyat’s dirty laundry in the form of piled up documents as evidence.

“What are they trying to say? We have details right up to their candidacy list for the upcoming 13th general election,” BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said.

Tengku Adnan said that PR had taken the trading of barbs to an immature level.

“But we do not blow our horns, we only break the news today (yesterday).”

Tengku Adnan attributed the reaction to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s move, claiming to have obtained secret documents about BN’s election preparations.

Tengku Adnan also said that people have to bear in mind that Guan Eng’s claim could also be merely a political gimmick as always.

“The document they claim to be in possession of is not damaging to BN. It is merely a document regarding the state of readiness in the coalition. However, it was never proven that Guan Eng had truly managed to lay his hands on it.

“Nevertheless we need to take precautions. We will identify the leak if there’s any and I have written to all 13 BN component party presidents to remind them to treat party-related documents with utmost care and secrecy.”

Tengku Adnan said this after receiving 5,000 copies of 100 Wira Negara books by Mubarak Malaysia, which will be distributed to delegates at the Umno general assembly next month.

The book, on 100 celebrated and distinguished national heroes, is a good reference for youngsters, especially those who were born post independence, said Tengku Mansor.

“Sometimes, we forget the uphill battle our predecessors fought for our independence and building Malaysia to be what we are today.

“Who we are today and in the future depends on who we were in the past. That’s why its important to remember and uphold our history.”