BN’s targets PAS, PKR seats in S’gor

(Free Malaysia Today) – According to a Selangor assemblyman, DAP seats are “not the battleground” in the coming election. Barisan Nasional is aiming to gun down PAS and PKR in Selangor in the coming general election.


And death is imminent if the Election Commission (EC) does not clean-up the rolls of the almost 110,000 “untraceable” new registered voters, claims state exco Ronnie Liu from DAP.

Liu, who is the Pandamaran state assemblyman, said PAS and PKR – two component parties within Pakatan Rakyat – will almost be certain to be wiped-out from the state assembly if the EC fails to clean up the rolls.

He said out of the total 610,000 new registered voters, only about 500,000 voters were located by Pakatan representatives who recently carried out a survey in the state to confirm the names and addresses voters provided by the EC.

“Even if we take into consideration the error rate in our survey, the 110,000 voters is a very high number. Most of them were registered mainly at the state constituencies won by PAS and PKR with close margin of votes (in the 2008 election),” Liu told FMT.

For the record, in the 2008 election, BN only secured 20 seats – 18 seats won by Umno and two more by MCA – out of the 56 seats in the Selangor state legislative assembly.

Pakatan – PKR, DAP and PAS – won 15, 13 and eight seats respectively.

Liu said it will be almost impossible for Selangor Pakatan leaders to take on BN without “cleaning up” the electoral roll.

He said the minimum requirement under the Election Offences Act was for voters to either reside or at least work at their respective constituencies.

“But here in Selangor we have more than half million people registered as new voters and this trend was not recorded in other states.

“The onus is on the National Registration Department (NRD) to verify all the particulars provided by the applicants who are requesting to update their addresses for the purpose of voting,” he added.

He said this will ensure that a single address is not being used by 20 to 30 voters.

“The EC is just providing lip service whenever we approach them on discrepancies and is not showing any signs that they will act on this issue,” lamented Liu.

PKR, PAS seats targeted

He said state Pakatan leaders will not oppose to dissolving the state assembly any time soon as long EC comes out with a better explanation on the 110,000 “uncounted for voters”.

“These 110,000 voters are either Umno or MCA members of other states who have been systematically registered here in Selangor with the clear intention to deny Pakatan from ruling the state for second time,” he added.

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