The Firefighter’s Plight

Nicole Tan Lee Koon, Secretary of Seremban branch, DAP Negeri Sembilan.

I want to share the firefighter’s plight with you. Let’s say an arsonist started a fire. The firefighter then comes and tries to extinguish the fire. The arsonist then tries to sabotage the firefighter’s effort.

In the late 80s, Chan Ah Chye, a former engineer and project manager in Selangor state subsidiary PKNS formed Talam Corporation. He was the crony of BN Menteri Besar, Muhammad Muhammad Taib and became a major player in the Selangor development scene. An extremely large amount of state land was alienated to Talam for a song. Talam’s modus operandi was to use the land for huge loans to finance their projects. Talam’s loan kept growing. Talam also owed MBI (Menteri Besar Incorporated) a huge sum of money i.e RM392 million.

In 2008, Pakatan took over Selangor and Khalid Ibrahim became the MB. Khalid inherited a situation in which Talam owes MBI the said RM392 million. Khalid, an expert in corporate finance then planned to recover the RM392 million from Talam, which was owed to Selangorians. Khalid and his team succeeded. For a more information, please read Nathaniel Tan’s article :

The story does not end here. Chua Tee Yong then comes along and cries wolf. He claimed that MBI’s restructuring was tainted with scandal. However, Chua did not do his homework properly. He reduced the amount of money claimed to be ‘misused’ by Selangor – from RM1 billion, to RM260 million, to RM42 million. Using “The Star” as his mouthpiece, Chua continued attacking Pakatan with his malicious lies.

Summary : There you have it. A fire (Talamgate) started by an arsonist (BN). A firefighter (Pakatan) managed to extinguish the fire. Instead of thanking the firefighter for saving the fire, the arsonist (BN) tried to sabotage the firefighter’s (Pakatan) effort, by claiming that it was done wrongly!

What shall we do with an arsonist such as BN? Kick the arsonist out in GE13!!!