‘CAT’ culprit identified

A report prepared by the state PKR leadership, according to sources, points the finger at a young newcomer. The report alo suggests the possible masterminds behind the leak. 

Athi Shankar, FMT

Penang PKR may have identified the culprit who let the “CAT” out during a casual meet-up between Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman and several local ethnic Chinese members.

Sources said the state leadership had submitted a comprehensive inquiry report on the CAT – “cocky arrogant, tokong” – issue to the national leadership for further action.

The report was prepared based on findings of the state-level internal inquiry conducted early this month by a panel headed by party state vice-chairman and Penang Speaker Abdul Halim Hussain.

Sources said the inquiry report contained compiled facts and evidence from all witnesses.

Since the inquiry was concluded, speculations had been rife that the culprit could be a young party newcomer, who is a member of a division headed by a prominent and ambitious PKR assemblyman.

However, it was not clear whether or not the person’s name was mentioned in the report.

But insiders said the report had indicated to the national party leaders a clear picture on the highly likely person to have secretly recorded the meeting proceedings.

Since the speculated culprit was a newcomer, the report is said to have suggested few senior politician names as possible mastermind behind the alleged conspiracy to oust Mansor from state politics.

It is learnt that the identified person could be one who was heard in an alleged audio recording of the closed door casual meet up asking a lot of questions.

The alleged audio recording was aired during TV3 prime time on Sept 24.

If the audio recording was authentic as claimed by TV3 sources, then Mansor could clearly be heard using the words “angkuh” (cocky) and “sombong” (arrogant).

He also allegedly described Lim endeared like a “tokong” (deity) to the Chinese community.

When the CAT controversy first emerged as a hot issue in August, Mansor denied he described Lim as “cocky and arrogant”, but admitted saying “tokong” in a positive note.

However, when asked again after the TV3 airing, Mansor did not deny the audio recording contents.