MCA defends hardline stand on hudud

Chua Soi Lek denies playing up hudud scare, saying that the issue itself poses great impact to the country.

Leven Woon, FMT

MCA has been attacking PAS and its hudud agenda in a bid to persuade the anti-establishment Chinese voters to abandon PAS and its ally, the DAP, and return to MCA’s fold, said its president Dr Chua Soi Lek.

MCA’s anti-hudud campaign reached a feverish pitch during the ongoing MCA annual assembly with all top party leaders raising a huge red flag against PAS’ Islamic agenda.

MCA leaders argued that they needed to “enlighten” the public on hudud, and why it should be objected.

At a press conference today, Chua defended the anti-hudud campaign, saying that the issue itself was of utmost importance to the country.

“We feel that the use of word ‘play’ is wrong, because there is great impact (of hudud) on socio-economics and the country’s political climate. It is not fair to say we play with the issue,” he said.

He said MCA was duty-bound to “further enlighten the people” of the consequence of PAS’s hudud agenda.

Chua also pointed out that the PKR-led Selangor government has not seen the opening of any new cinemas since Pakatan took over the state in 2008, a vivid evidence that PAS was dominant in the Pakatan coalition.

“…everybody in Pakatan is frightened of PAS. PAS is still the taiko (big brother) because of the resources and the fact that they have more members,” he said.

When asked to comment on MCA Wanita chairman Yu Chok Tow’s remark that Umno parliamentarians would support the PAS’s hudud proposal, Chua branded the matter as being hypothetical and refused to answer directly.

“Why we have to go to that stage, we don’t have to. If all Malaysians are aware, PAS and hudud are bad to the country and if they unite against hudud, then we will never reach that stage,” he said.

The assembly today saw the delegates dressing the trademark BN blue tee-shirt that had anti-Pakatan slogans on the back.

The slogans, reading “Ubah? Bankrupt in two years”, “stability above chaos”, were the same phrases used on the anti-Pakatan banners decorating the event venue, Wisma MCA.

Chua said the tee-shirts and banners were used to point out that Pakatan was an empty shell and would lead the country to bankruptcy should they ever come into power.