Kong: DAP is sinful for helping PAS’ hudud

Delegates welcoming Kong as he arrives at the AGM Delegates welcoming Kong as he arrives at the AGM

(The Star) – KUALA LUMPUR: The DAP will become a sinner to the Chinese for helping PAS turn Malaysia into an Islamic state, said MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.

He said the PAS leadership at all levels had repeatedly spoken that they would not give up on hudud, the party’s main agenda.

The DAP was opposed it initially, but it had slowed down on its criticisms over time, Kong said in his speech at Wanita MCA’s 37th annual general meeting here on Saturday.

Kong added that the DAP was also told to leave the Pakatan Rakyat pact if it could not accept PAS’ agenda.

“Why has PAS never stopped emphasising Hudud law, is it part of the common agreement?” said Kong.

He said the DAP has been misleading the public by saying that they do not have to be afraid of hudud.

Indeed, he said, Islamic state and Hudud law would affect daily life, deprive women of their rights and bring negative impact to the economic.