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( – The best life is one that is led with balance; where the heavyweights of politics and the economy stand on even ground with their lifestyle and entertainment counterparts. And that is the essence of
Malaysia’s newest online portal makes its official debut today with promises of a wide spectrum of offerings for both the younger and mature audience. takes a thoughtful and incisive approach to reporting on issues of national and international importance. Yet it will also take walks on the lighter side of life where food, entertainment, sports and features are concerned. 
But whichever end of the spectrum it traverses, is determined to uphold its mantra of fair and credible reporting. 
“Credibility makes for sustainability and on this score, our editorial team is guided by the principles of fair and balanced reporting,” says editor-in-chief  Yeap Boo Yam. 
“We want to present both sides of the story to readers and let them be the judge. We are in this business for the long haul.”’s vibrancy also lies in its focus on telling stories through images via its photo gallery and video clippings, generated by the portal’s own webcast team and strategic partners. 
From Oct 18-21, will hit the road with various launch activities that include free tickets to Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again” World Tour concert.