Who is the Taiko Tai in Taman Kaya, Ipoh, Perak Malaysia?


These sites have good descriptions of what happens to an individual Malaysian when the purported political power in your hands dictate how it is to be, even if it infringes basic human rights such as those like Simon Thong need to face.

You want to talk about the law, the due process and what it is? Then don’t practice your ‘look and see’ from a distance when regular Malaysians like Simon Thong get harassed. You think we are politically right for what it has to be within the new found escapism through the opposition?
Simon Thong is not political but humane and just in his affairs to ensure his freedoms of choice and liberty. But look how easily he is portayed to be the villain while the politicians hold reign.
Do you get it? Or are you going to be the semua tahu and semua boleh preacher without understanding his predicament within a society that uses politics to meet its means.  
Thank you.