Umno leaders urged to cooperate with Kimma

(NST) – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has urged Umno leaders at state and division levels to cooperate with Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) as it will become a strong force in shaping the political landscape.

This call came in a wake of complaints that Kimma leaders were sidelined since it became an associate member of Umno two years ago.

“There may be weaknesses in our execution and implementation but we need to fix this.

“In Barisan Nasional, when a party becomes an associate member, Umno at all levels need to recognise them,” Najib said in his opening speech at the 36th Kimma Delegates Conference here.

Najib, who is also Barisan Nasional and Umno president, said Kimma deserved full support from members of the ruling coalition as the party had contributed a lot in the social economy.

“If Kimma has given Umno and Barisan Nasional the full support, it is only appropriate that we do the same.”

He added that BN needed to be inclusive regardless whether a party represented the majority or the minority.

“As long as we are Malaysians, we need to continuously support each other so that a strong mandate can be formed in pursuing a beautiful agenda for our country.”

Najib said Malaysia must have social justice to become a developed and high-income nation by 2020.

“We need to have social justice by maximising everyone’s potential. I’m sad when the potential of Indian Muslims can’t be realised, and I’m sad when they live in poverty,” he said.

Earlier, Kimma president Datuk Syed Ibrahim Kader said the party was facing a “lone struggle” in solving problems in the Indian Muslim community.

“Although we have received recognition as an associate member on Aug 27, 2010, sadly until today, Kimma has not received much cooperation from Umno at state and division levels.

“A lot of them do not have a clear picture of this association. Some were not aware of it and some even questioned it cynically.”

Syed Ibrahim tabled an 18-point resolution, including a call for the post of deputy minister to be given to Kimma.

Najib said he would forward the demands to the cabinet to be discussed and hoped that Kimma would remain a loyal friend of BN.