‘Many guards not paid RM700’

(NST) – Some private security companies in Peninsular Malaysia have allegedly failed to adhere to the minimum wage of RM700 for security guards, said the National Peninsular Malaysia Security Guard Union.

Its general-secretary, M. Subramaniam, had called on the government to look into such errant companies.

Under the new wage scheme, which took effect at the end of January, a security guard’s salary should amount to RM1,200, including overtime.

At present, their salaries are between RM450 and RM750, depending on their work locations.

“Many companies are only paying RM550 as basic salary for their security guards, while the balance of RM150 is given as allowance.”

He said the companies which did not adhere to the new wage scheme were mostly those not registered with the Home Ministry, or with guards association.

“Worse, most of the guards employed by these companies are foreigners.”

Subramaniam added that despite warnings from the Labour Department, there was no improvement.

The Labour Department could not be reached for comment.