Why MCA is more Multiracial than DAP?

Shen Yee Aun

Hanya separuh daripada jumlah kerusi MCA diperolehi dengan menewaskan calon pembangkang Cina. Separuh daripada kerusi MCA diperolehi dengan menewaskan calon pembangkang etnik India, Melayu dan pribumi. – Helen Ang

1. I am sure most Malaysian are aware that DAP is not truly a multiracial political party as they self proclaim themselves to be because they will only be contesting in all Chinese Majority Area Seats.

2. Even MCA as the only official Chinese Political Party in Malaysia do contest in other mix seats area where even during Mac 2008 Tsunami more than half of the seats they won is a area where they ( MCA ) are contesting against other races .

3. As for DAP most of the seats that they won and easily more than 90% are actually seats where they won through contesting against a Chinese candidate .

4. The only difference that differentiate MCA and DAP in terms of Chinese based political party will be that MCA membership only caters to Chinese Citizenship of Malaysia where on the other hand DAP open their membership to all the other races in Malaysia. Even that more than 90% of the members in DAP is Malaysian Chinese Citizenship.

5. The people support towards a political party will be an indication of how multiracial a political will be. If MCA is truly a racist Chinese political party then they wont be winning their total entire seats where half of it they won it through defeating other races in the General Election comparing to DAP where 90% of the entire seats that they won is through defeating a Chinese candidate in the election.

6. That indicates that MCA is more acceptable among other races like the Malays and Indians Malaysian if were to compare to DAP.

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