Raise the speed limit before implementing AES


road avenger

A supposedly staggering figure of 63,558 offences were reportedly detected by 14 AES cameras in a span of over eight days.

That works out to be approximately 4539 offences recorded per camera, and 567 offences in a day.

With such figures, somebody will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Does anybody bother to ask what the primary reason is for such a high number of offences commited?

I certainly don’t see a lot of drivers beating the traffic lights, even in the city center.

Besides, how many drivers or cars can jump the traffic light before other cars on the other side starts moving on green?

The only plausible and most possibble explanation is the outdated speed limits on many roads and highways.

Many sections of highways have speed limits of only 60km/h, when in reality, if adhered to, will slow down traffic and cause bottlenecks and massive jams (not to mention honkings from angry drivers behind you).

It could even cause accidents, as drivers try to overtake drivers who strictly follow the speed limits.

Take a drive on the NPE and you will see how ridiculous those speed limits are. Even 80km/h is far too slow for some sections.

From my observation, almost no drivers follow these ridiculously slow speed limits, and with thousands of cars using the roads everyday, AES would capture tens of thousands of these “offenders”.

The best solution is either to raise the speed limits, or only issue summons if the driver exceeded the speed limit by more than 20km/h