PKR wants Lajim to contest both seats

(Daily Express) – The district’s PKR Supreme Council has unanimously agreed that Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin contest the Beaufort parliamentary seat and Klias State seat in the next election. Beaufort PKR Chief, Abd Jairin Ukin, proposed this during the division’s AGM held here last Sunday.

Abd Jairih said the unanimous decision was also firmly supported by all Beaufort PKR members and that they also pledged to ensure all Pakatan Rakyat candidates in the area concerned win in the general elections.

“This undivided support was based on the firm spirit of cooperation and understanding that has been forged for so long among the PKR and Pakatan components especially in the Beaufort parliamentary constituency,” he said.

In fact, he claimed, support for the Pakatan has increased as evidenced by the number of people joining the opposition after Lajim joined the Pakatan.

Prior to this, he said, there was some opposition from among PKR members here who have worked hard for the party when they heard that Lajim would be contesting the two constituencies.

“But based on understanding and one objective, we have unanimously supported Lajim’s candidacy in the two constituencies,” he said.

Abd Jairih said this is the advantage of being in the Pakatan where the struggle is to defend the welfare and plight of the people who hunger for change.

A total of 65 application forms were handed in to join PKR during the event.