Chamil openly apologises to Seputeh MP

(The Star) – Utusan Malaysia columnist Datuk Chamil Wariya and Utusan Melayu Sdn Bhd have openly apologised to Seputeh MP Teresa Kok in a High Court here, as part of a settlement in a defamation suit.

The apology was read yesterday by lawyer Zalil Mohd Mess for Chamil and TKB Mohana Kumar for Utusan Melayu before High Court judge Justice Dr Hamid Sultan Abu Backer.

He also ordered Utusan Melayu to pays costs of RM50,000 and to publish an apology in the daily.

Earlier, lawyer Sankara Nair who acted for Kok, submitted that both parties had resolved the matter out of court.

Nair said based on settlement terms the first defendant Chamil had to read the apology in open court with no order as to costs.

“The second defendant Utusan Melayu also has to read the apology in open court, pay RM50,000 in costs to plaintiff Teresa Kok and publish an apology in the Sudut Sastera column in its Sunday edition, Mingguan Malaysia,” he said.

Zalil who read the apology for Chamil said he (Chamil) regretted that his short story had been used in Mingguan Malaysia which was published on Dec 12, 2008. Zalil stressed that some of the characters in the short story had been changed.

Mohana objected to the assertions made by Chamil and asked the court to record it.

Mohana, who read the apology for Utusan Malaysia, said they had changed several names without affecting the story line.

He said they regretted their actions and apologised to Kok.