Exposed! Soros RM120m for regime change devils

Devilry afoot in the serious business of regime change

Brothers, don’t get your scarves in a twist, but this regime change business is getting serious, really serious. Did you know that George Soros has now managed to snare Manchester United into his global network of regime change NGOs?


You know, of course, that Manchester United is an NGO, a non-governmental organisation?

Did you know that Manchester United is registered as a company?

Did you know that it has received billions in foreign funds?

Did you know that George Soros personally funded a RM120mil investment in this NGO, company and club?

That’s how seriously he takes this business of regime change.

You should show more concern. The devil himself aka George has been behind your devilry on football nights. (Or you could tell your wife “Soros made me do it”.)

No less than Mahathir Mohd Mudahlupa and the Malaysian government say so. Mahathir, of course, is always right and the Malaysian government never wrong. Don’t you know that Mahathir can foretell the future with uncanny accuracy? And if the future gives him the devil’s own time, it’s always because of George Soros.

Feeling poorly? Take two scandals and blame George

George Soros is also the man who, they say, single-handedly toppled half a dozen countries around the world, almost all located somewhere around North Africa.

Soros must have done all this, you know?

They say he installed puppet regimes in all those countries, too.

Stop it fools: you’re just puppets of Soros

Man Utd a serious player in regime change

The latest news about Man Utd shows you the depths of this man’s wickedness. He will stop at nothing to get his way.

Many regimes toppled by Man Utd

Manchester United are serious players in the regime change business. They have been relentless. One after another, regimes have fallen at their feet: among these the Chelsea regime of a Russian; the Arsenal regime of a Frenchman; and the Liverpool regimes of a Scotsman and an Italian. All foreigners, you see.

Puppet regimes installed by Man Utd

Man Utd, just like Soros, are also reputed to have installed their own puppet regimes, headed by shadowy creatures with names such as Mark Halsey, Howard Webb and Mike Riley.

Reds gunning for Light Blues

Now the devils have a new target: they aim to topple the regime of the Light Blues at the other end of town. This is really serious. (That’s why they call it the Premier league, see?)

No wonder George Soros pumped in US$40mil (RM122mil) in August. It looks like he’s taking a little flutter on the Reds to topple the regime of the Light Blues.

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