LGE accused of ignoring gangsterism in DAP

Alleged victims say they were beaten up in the party chief’s presence.

K Pragalath, FMT

Two men who claim they were physically assaulted in the presence of DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng have accused him of being indifferent to the issue of gangsterism in the party.

A Thirumalvalavan (photo, left) and R Selvan (in white shirt), who are both branch-level officials in DAP, have lodged a police report about the attack, but they told reporters today that they were disappointed by Lim’s silence over it.

The incident allegedly happened last Monday during a meeting organised by Selangor DAP in Pekan Salak, Sepang. The two, together with Pantai Putra Sepang branch secretary Rashid Md Gani (photo, middle), were about to submit a memorandum to Lim when they were attacked, they said. Ironically, one of the points of the memorandum was gangsterism in the party.

“Lim and (Selangor DAP chief) Teresa Kok were present when Thirumalvalavan and Selvan were dragged and bashed up by gangsters,” Rashid told this morning’s press conference. “Why didn’t he stop the violence?

“We are also very disappointed with Kok’s leadership. She has also kept silent.”

The Monday meeting was a regular Selangor DAP parliamentary liaison session, but a discussion of election strategies was also on the agenda.

“After delivering his speech, Lim had to leave the hall to attend a funeral,” Rashid said. “We wanted to have dialogue session and hand over a memorandum to him.”

The memorandum complained that:

  • the Sri Mahamariamman temple in Sungai Pelek was facing a threat of demolition;
  • Sungai Pelek DAP coordinator P Sivakumar mishandled funds for the Ponggal festival and Deepavali vouchers and hampers;
  • Sivakumar conducted party activities without informing branch members; and
  • Sivakumar and Sepang DAP liaison committee chairman Lwi Kian Keong engaged gangsters to intimidate party members.

Thirumalvalavan, who leads DAP’s Taman Murni branch, was in tears when he recalled Monday’s incident. “I was dragged by gangsters who are not DAP members,” he said. “They slapped and kicked me.”

Selvan, a member of the party’s Pantai Sepang Putra committee, said he suffered the same treatment.

The attackers snatched his DAP membership card and destroyed it, he added.

Both displayed to reporters bruises on their shoulders and arms.

Contacted after the press conference, Sivakumar denied that he used gangsters.

He told FMT that everyone at the Monday meeting, including the alleged attackers, were DAP members.

“The state committee ensured that only members would attend the meeting,” he said, adding that Thirumalvalavan, Selvan and Rashid were there only to cause trouble.

“Some party members had to stop them to protect Lim,” he said.