Dong Zong gets a lashing

(The Star) – A BLOGGER has called supporters of the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) “racists” who will ultimately “destroy our Chinese culture”.

A copy of the posting was carried by The Mole online portal.

In his blog post on Monday, Shen Yee Aun said he disagreed with Dong Zong on several issues, namely the organisation’s preference for Chinese teachers.

Shen questioned the need for Dong Zong to ask for more teachers, saying that “those who are not qualified and do not have the quality would destroy our Chinese education and language even further”.

He also said a true Chinese education fighter would have agreed to “open up the teaching posts at Chinese schools to all races and not restrict them to certain races”.

“Dong Zong’s narrow-minded views would result in the Malaysian Chinese community being left behind economically, politically and socially,” he added.

Shen was quoted as saying that Dong Zong is being racially-motivated in its aims for Chinese education.

This is because it had restricted other races from learning the Chinese language but “the Malays encourage our Malaysian Chinese to learn their own language”.

Shen also cited that Dong Zong was always critical of Barisan Nasional, especially MCA, more than against Pakatan Rakyat.

“Pakatan has not given a single sen, promise, policy, manifesto, demands, schools and basically nothing for the Chinese community and Chinese education, so why is Dong Zong questioning Barisan’s sincerity?” he asked.

Shen reminded Dong Zong that during the Budget 2013 announcement, the Government had allocated RM100mil to the country’s Chinese schools compared with Pakatan, whom he claimed had given nothing.

Shen said he went to a national school during his school years, saying that Chinese groups who refuse to mingle with the other races in the country would “sooner or later find themselves living in their own world, separate from the rest of the society”.

He faulted these groups for pushing some segments of the Malays to label the Chinese as racists.

Shen advised the groups to open up their hearts and minds to the other races.

“Treat them like how you treat your own race. They will treat you as part of their community even though you are born a Chinese,” he added.