PKR MP promoting MIC leader?

BN leader accuses incumbent S Manickavasagam of promoting MIC CWC memebr A Sakthivel for the Kapar seat. 

G Vinod, FMT

PKR’s Kapar MP S Manickavasagam is working in cahoots with MIC central working committte member A Sakthivel, promoting the latter for his parliamentary seat, claimed a Barisan Nasional man.

The senior BN leader, claiming anonymity, said this was proven when incumbent Manickavasagam promoted Sakthivel at a function on Monday at the Hoe Tian Keong Temple.

“Manickavasagam said that he would like to see Sakthivel contesting for the Kapar seat in a speech at the function attended by about 1,600 people, and they all heard it,” claimed the leader.

Disappointed, the BN leader accused Sakthivel of using Manickavasagam to promote his own political agenda.

“Manickavasagam was promoting Sakthivel because both are friends, but the latter must understand that seats allocation for the general election is decided by the BN leadership.

“I don’t know how Pakatan Rakyat works, but in BN we must abide by party decisions. People may get confused by Manickavasagam’s announcement,” said the leader.

I was being sarcastic, says Manicka

Manickavasagam, however, dismissed the BN leader’s accusation, saying he was just being sarcastic with his remark.

He said that many aspirants for the seat came to the function, including Kapar MIC division chief P Ganesan and Pemandu committee member D Ravindran.

“These people just showed up. Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Deputy Minister Chua Tee Yong and Kapar MCA division chairman Song Kee Chai also attended the function.

“All I said was that Ganesan and Sakthivel should pray hard so that their party leadership will choose either one of them to contest in Kapar. I was being sarcastic,” said Manickavasagam.

He also said that most of his speech on the day was about Pakatan’s leadership in the state and its achievements.

Meanwhile, Sakthivel also dismissed the BN leader’s accusation, saying Manickavasagam was not promoting him for Kapar.

“He didn’t mean it that way. He was merely addressing the people there. As for me, I just had my meal and left the function soon after,” he said.