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Malaysiakini – Anwar: Budget fails to address cronyism, monopolies

wakakaka! How can I not laugh when Anwar Ibrahim lectures the government on cronyism and monopolies. Anyway, let’s move on.

Budget-wise or in everyday governing, for me, there are four important issues that I want the government to address appropriately, adequately and in a timely fashion, namely: Security, Health, Education and Rule of Law.

Security – While it’s impossible to guarantee 100% security, do Malaysians today feel secure as their families and loved ones go about their businesses, shopping, schooling, etc?

The rhetorical question has to unfortunately a big NO!

I believe the general short term concerns of the public is internal security where occurrences of crimes are frighteningly at an unacceptable high in our nation’s modern history, while their long term concerns would be the presence in our midst of millions of illegal immigrants, both potentially as fifth columnists harmful to our national security and job stealers from our unemployed citizens.

Is she a threat to national security?

Operational expenditure covers the maintenance of the existing police force, who unfortunately have not shown satisfactory performance, wasting away both resources and valuable time on monitoring and harassing non-BN political parties for a purely political agenda, instead of addressing what they ought to be doing, fighting crimes.

However, the blame should go principally to its highly politicized leadership – more of this follows.

At the policy level, the useless Home Minister should be sacked. Unbelievably, he has even failed to deal with (at least investigate into) unacceptable allegations of the former IGP having close association with shady underworld kingpins Goh Cheng Poh (Tengku Goh) and Tan BK while serving as IGP – for more, read Malaysiakini Bizarre case of ex-IGP, AG and an underworld boss.

We get to hear the standard mafulat excuse that there had been no investigation because, now get this bullshit, no one had lodged a report.

We keep hearing this same lame excuse time and time again, as if worrying (to national security) allegations can’t and won’t be acted upon if the police do not receive any official report  from the public (unless of course, the ‘worrying’ issue leads to opportunities to harass non-BN parties and supporters).

Are they (the police) robots only to be activated by public reports?

But still, that excuse has been totally demolished by Ramli Yusuff, a former Director of the  Police Commercial Crime Investigations Department, who asserted his point through evidence gathered by the CCID team, a statutory declaration (not challenged) and court testimonies.

In 2007 Ramli Yusuff wrote a letter on the scandalous affair to the Home Minister, a letter which Hishamuddin has acknowledged. But Hishamuddin rejected setting up an inquiry because he (Hisham) deemed there was a lack of evidence.

Thus the lie went from ‘no evidence’ to ‘no report’. The truth then becomes ‘no action’.

So acting Law Minister Nazri should swallow his pride, bull and partisanship, and get about doing something on the very serious allegations against the former IGP, since the Home Minister is too busy with regrets he didn’t have the opportunity to rehabilitate Noordin Top, one of the World’s most notorious terrorist-bomber, or engaged in pampering cow-head hoodlum bigots.