Is ‘V’ for victory or vilification?

It appears that Putrajaya is full of closet homosexuals who are unable to declare their sexuality openly.

Mariam Mokhtar (Free Malaysia Today)

Hong Kong billionaire, 76-year-old Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, has offered RM200 million to the man who can woo his lesbian daughter, make her “straight”, then marry her. In the past, Chao has claimed to have slept with over 10,000 girlfriends. Gigi, his daughter, is one of three children he fathered with three different women. When he heard that Gigi had married her long-term lover of seven years, Seab Eav, in a civil partnership ceremony in Paris, Chao was prompted to act, to save his family “honour”.

Chao appears to have more money than sense. When will he accept his daughter’s happiness with her sexuality and her future with her civil partner? Will he concede that money is not everything? How does he reconcile his own promiscuity and think it superior to his daughter’s monogamous relationship?

In Malaysia, our ministers and their deputies cannot be considered harmless eccentrics. They are hypocrites and bigots, and the influence and power which they wield, does the nation much harm. So which is worse? The Malaysian authorities who backtrack on issues or the ill-thought-out directives themselves?

It is established that when faced with a public backlash, ministers tend to issue denials and quickly dissociate themselves from whatever it is that caused the outrage. There are numerous examples of such idiocy. Even clothing has attracted official censure; the tutu, yellow shirts and now, V-neck shirts, have all courted controversy. Instead of leaping forward into a world of understanding and tolerance, the nation is forced to descend into the dark ages.

Previously, yellow clothing was banned because those who wore it were supporters of democracy. The tutu was frowned upon because it was considered immoral or indecent. In the latest Ministry of Education (MOE)-sanctioned guide, those who wear tight, brightly coloured clothing, sleeveless shirts and V-neck shirts possess homosexual tendencies.

Recently, Deputy Education Minister Puad Zarkashi denied that his ministry had endorsed the “gay-spotting guidelines” for schools. Unfortunately for him, the reaction of the public has been to organise a National V-neck Day on Oct 1, which thousands of people claim they will attend, as a form of protest.

Puad is furious and has reacted in typical Umno fashion, telling another online newspaper that is was “unreasonable” to hold the “V-neck” event: “There’s no gay guideline, is there? I had asked the parent NGO and they said they didn’t issue the guideline…

“So when they do this (organise a V-neck Day), it shows that they are not taking this issue seriously. What they are doing is unreasonable.”

The backpedalling has invited more contempt for the MOE and the NGO which produced the “gay-spotting” guidelines. They contend that people wearing V-neck shirts must be gay. What about the homosexuals who wear suits in the civil service? What about the many closet homosexuals in the ministries, some of whom are alleged close associates of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak?

The gay-guide states that girls who sleep with other girls must be lesbian. Parents are aghast at the MOE guide, and will be wondering if the MOE would prefer their daughters to sleep with men? Every parent will now have qualms about having their daughter’s girl-friends for a sleep over.

Forcing homosexuals underground

Who are the people in government, who end up dictating policy? Do they live such cloistered and sheltered lives? Is there no discussion to see if their guidelines stand up to reason? Are they themselves closet homosexuals with no avenue to express their sexuality?

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