Mansor did not deny audio contents

PKR has identified the culprit who allegedly leaked the incriminating audio recording involving Penang DCM Mansor Othman.

Athi Shankar, FMT

GEORGE TOWN: Just when PKR thought the worst was over, the CAT has reared its ugly head again, much to the chagrin of the party’s Penang chief and Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman.

CAT here is not the “competency, accountability and transparency” tune routinely sung by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng about his Pakatan Rakyat state administration.

In this instance CAT means “cocky, arrogant, tokong”, a refence Mansor allegedly made to Lim.

Ties between the two top state leaders are now at its lowest ebb, with Pakatan sources claiming that “Lim is really pissed off with Mansor”.

Mansor had allegedly voiced these words during a closed door meeting between him and come local Chinese leaders, including incumbent elected representatives.

An alleged audio recording of the closed door meeting was aired during TV3′s prime time Monday night.

If the audio recording was authentic, as claimed by TV3 sources, then Mansor could clearly be heard using the words “angkuh” (cocky) and “sombong” (arrogant). He also allegedly described Lim as a “tokong” (deity) to the Chinese community.

When the CAT controversy emerged as a hot issue last month, Mansor denied he described Lim as “cocky and arrogant”, but admitted saying “tokong” in a positive note.

But, when asked today, Mansor did not deny the aired audio recording contents, instead suggested that the leaking and airing of audio recording were all tied up with the coming general election.

He mused over how much the television station paid to obtain the audio recording.

‘Vindictive and vengeful’

Whether or not Mansor’s alleged description of Lim was spot on, the Penanti assemblyman has surely fueled Lim’s wrath.

Mansor now faces a tough political future in Penang so long as Lim, from Malacca, hangs around in the island-state.

A PKR source said Mansor, who is a party vice-president, must now move out of Penang to safeguard his political interests, alleging that Lim could be “vindictive and vengeful.”

The source said PKR feared that Lim would order DAP leaders and members not to help Mansor’s campaign in the coming general election.

The leaked details of the meeting were first published in June postings of a blog “Gelagat Anwar”, which sources said was being operated by some insiders close with a top state PKR leader.

In its postings in June 16, 18 and 19, the blog revealed that state PKR deputy chief Law Choo Kiang, Bukit Bendera division deputy chief Felix Ooi, Bayan Baru deputy chief Tan Seng Keat, 2004 candidate for Bayan Baru Raymond Ong, Tanjung Youth chief Ng Chek Siang; Batu Uban chief Cheah Peng Guan and Mansor’s assistant John Ooi were among those who attended the casual meeting.

Notable absentees were assemblymen Jason Ong Khan Lee of Kebun Bunga, Tan Hock Leong of Machang Bubok, Sim Tze Tzin of Pantai Jerejak and Ong Chin Wen of Bukit Tengah.