Anwar: Private jet is friend’s

The deal to shuttle Anwar and other Pakatan politicians to East Malaysia, apparently came with no strings attached. 

Patrick Lee, FMT

A friend, according to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, arranged for the him and other Pakatan Rakyat MPs to travel on a private jet to East Malaysia earlier this month.

Speaking to reporters in the Parliament lobby, he did not disclose the “friend’s” name, though Anwar added that the trip came with no strings attached.

“I asked him, because I was concerned that he had some interest in Penang, Kedah, Selangor or Kelantan…He said no, it was not tied to anything, so I said okay.

“He is not that involved [in politics]. I’ve known him for some time. He said he will do this for a friend, because he understands the problem of logistics,” he said.

Anwar was referring to a series of articles and blog posts critical of the Permatang Pauh MP travelling in a private jet on Sept 15 and 16.

The criticisms were based off photographs taken and later uploaded to the Internet by PKR vice-president Tian Chua, who accompanied Anwar on the trip.

Anwar said: “Why did we ask Tian Chua to take these pictures? Because I didn’t want people think that this was a secret.”

He added that the coverage of this matter was an attempt by Umno and the MCA to frighten businessmen from helping Pakatan Rakyat politicians.

He also asked why Umno chose to harp on this issue when there were alleged matters of corruption and irregularities that needed tending to.