SUARAM, and USAid expulsion from Russia


SUARAM is whining everyday ever since they are faced with a barrage of investigations.

Today, The Malaysian Insides reported Penang Deputy CM II, P Ramakrishnan claim SUARAM is being hounded and harrassed for exposing corruption [read here]. Hello! It is only alleged corruption. Did they expose any corruption?

SUARAM’s initial reaction to the various demands for investigations was to garner sympathy and support. They claimed they are being harrassed, authorities are reacting to the mob and finally they try a counter offense to express willingness to be scrutinised but insist a probe on Scorpene purchase.

What Malaysian should be concerned is the fact that SUARAM took money from organisation like George Soros’s Open Society in which this is the man that was out to wreck our economy in 1997/98 through his currency speculation.

There is money that emanate from National Endowment on Democrasy (NED), a once CIA covert operation that is out in the open today. NED also operate through their two wings; International Republican Initiatives (IRI) and National Democratic Initiatives (NDI) in Malaysia.

SUARAM is not really fighting for human rights issue but for western agenda and it is obvious it is to bring down the Government covertly and not true honest democrasy.

If they had been truthful to the human rights cause, they wouldn’t be championing Myanmar’s Aung Sang Su Kyi and kept silence on the plight of the Rohingya. [This will be for our next posting.]

Ever heard SUARAM make any statement to condemn Israel for the Palestinians cause or fight for the economic discrimination by private sector against Melayu and Pribumi? Don’t claim to say you probably heard them but not so sure when because they never did.

From working with the “enemy’, they should consider themselves lucky to be investigated by CCM, MACC, Central Bank, etc. The natural penalty for traitors and act of treason is hanging!


US Government sponsored NGOs or aid organisations are not sincere organisation and always comes with ulterior motives to subjugate the receiver to follow their whim and fancy. Remember our experiance with IMF in during the 1997/98 financial crisis1?

And don’t the SUARAM people read, Confession of an Economic Hitman?

Perhaps, they believe it is okay to work with the enemy of the state as long as they get their way of seizing power. That is undemocratic and they will only be another dictator to promote onlt their own agenda.

The international news have been giving favourable report on Putin lately. They claim he is having confidence problem with the people.

Two days back, the Russian expelled USAID out of Russia. The response would likely say that it is Putin trying to preserve himself by blaming others.

Is it so or there is basis to do so?

Not many months ago, one Middle East country expelled NDI operatives. Remember Rocky’s posting here.

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