Defending Ngeh’s Tweet on provocative film


The Malaysian Insider – Ngeh retracts tweet, apologises to Muslims

What was his tweet that he retracted?

“Khairy wants muslim protest against Sam Bacile. For Islam or for his political gains? Are muslims wasting to much time and energy on this?”

I agree with Ngeh that Muslims have been/are wasting to much time and energy on an issue (deliberately) provoked by one single person. Instead, they should look at the ‘agenda’ behind the provocation.

Apparently, 55-year old Sam Bacile’s real name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, where he could well be an American Coptic Christian though he confessed to be Jewish and an Israeli. But Israeli officers asserted they have no record of any Israeli by that name (which name, Bacile or Nakoula?).

But far more interestingly, the person behind the scene involving Sam Bacile (or Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) and his film insulting Islam has been a pastor from the Dove World Outreach Center, a bloke by the name of Terry Jones.

Jones is notorious for provoking the Muslim world two years ago by his boast to burn 200 copies of the Quran. However, US State and Defence authorities successfully persuaded him against that as his action could imperil American troops in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Nonetheless, one year later (in 2011) he did burn one copy of the Quran.

On the recent Bacile’s provocative film, he ignored pleas from US authorities (again) not to upload the film on his church website. US media columnists have also appealed to church authorities to stop him to avoid violence in the Middle East but he gave everyone two fingers. Some US church leaders stated what he has done has been a travesty and detestable.

As for the suspected ‘agenda’ behind the film, my agreement with Ngeh also pertains to my observations and belief that there would usually be a Zionist element behind such provocations against Muslims in general and Arabs (Palestinians) in particular. There is a very strong nexus between Ultra Zionists (both American and Israeli Zionists) and the US Christian Right, hence Jones’ deliberate provocations could be related to right-wing Zionists’ aim to demonize the easily provoked Arab-Muslims and/or to win back lost European sympathies and support for them – sympathies and support lost as a result of their arrogant political intransigence and feral brutalities against the Palestinians.

Recently, President Obama has made an unprecedented decision (for a US President) in refusing to see Benjamin Netanyahu. Many Israeli leaders realized that Netanyahu has crossed the line in his usual ‘dictates’ to Obama, and took to criticizing him (Netanyahu) for his faux pas, hoping to steer him back on the proper polite path to winning back the US presidential support for an already isolated Israel.

Israeli PMs, particularly an ultra like Netanyahu, believe they alone in the world have the politically teflonised backings from the US Christian Right and American Zionists to lecture, berate and scold US President on the correct political policies for the Middle-East. Usually they have been correct but Netanyahu’s increasingly arrogant and strident talk-down to the US President have gotten out of hand, to an extent the US President, the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, would have suffered irreparable humiliation if he continues (like his predecessors) to quietly accept the Israeli dressing down. Perhaps the Arabs must be brought into the picture once again to help divert attention from this.

If we recall some years back, when the Danish rightwing Jyllen-Posten published the Prophet Mohamad cartoons, it set the European world topsy turvy by the predictably violent reaction from Muslims and Arabs.

When European authorities and media were asked on the appropriateness of Jyllen-Posten publishing such offensive caricatures of a personality beloved by Muslims, the usual hypocritical mob would chant out blindly their mantra of ‘freedom of speech and expression’, while pretending not to remember how they persecuted Prince Harry for wearing a mere swastika armband to a fancy dress ball, or a Holocaust denier like David Irving for writing a book that says Jews killed by the Nazis did not number 6 millions and were considerably less.

Condemned for something associated with a fancy dress ball? For crying out loud!

But the Zionist-galvanized ruckus evoked from an innocuous incident by an unsuspecting youth was so great that it not only forced the young royalty into apologising but panicked his father, the future King of England into issuing abject apologies and explanations of how silly his son had been, with British ministers wading in, all stumbling forward to prostrate themselves before the Gods of their guilt.

His father even ordered little Harry to visit the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz to learn and atone.

I have seen ‘Dracula’, ‘Stalin’, ‘Tojo’ and even a ‘George Bush’ at fancy dress balls, all winning at least a laugh or two. Shouldn’t those wearers of the costumes be made to apologize to respectively Romania, Russia, Japan and the USA too?

Lord Janner, a senior figure in Britain’s Jewish community, said “What Harry did was both stupid and evil. The time has come for him to make a public apology.”


Hey! Freedom of expression? What happened to that supposedly cherished Western institution then?

Oh BTW, David Irving was jailed for a number of years by an Australian Court for challenging the sacrosanct figure of 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust.