Guidelines for women bosses spark outcry

(The Star) – The dust on the gay guidelines has barely settled before a new one has surfaced this time, directed at female bosses.

The guidelines (pic) are listed in the Health Ministry’s MedikTV Facebook page and feature eight “tips” on how to be a “good female boss”.

It was uploaded as a photo link but has been taken down at press time.

The tips, written in Bahasa Malaysia, advised women to “banyak berbincang dengan orang bawahan, khususnya pekerja lelaki” (have many discussions with your subordinates, especially male workers).

It also advocated they “pandai mengambil hati orang bawahan” (be smart in winning your subordinates’ hearts) and “jangan menunjuk ego kuasa di depan orang bawahan terutama semasa memberi arahan” (don’t flaunt your ego and power in front of your subordinates, especially when giving orders).

However, the ministry has been quick to express its strong disapproval of the photo, with Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin saying MedikTV had apologised for the post.

“It has also given a guarantee that all posts after this will not be prejudicial in nature or side any party,” she said in an SMS.

Rosnah also stressed that the guidelines had not been published by the ministry and had nothing to do with “any of the concepts or campaigns introduced by MOH”.

MedikTV also posted an apology on its Facebook page, stressing that the posts were not ministry policy.

“This is our responsibility. All feedback should be channelled to us without involving other parties,” it said.

An online news portal reported that the Information Department had also shared the photo on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

However, both links on the MedikTV and Info Department’s Facebook pages had been removed at press time.

Facebook users had described the guidelines as sexist and discriminatory.