Chaos at US embassy in Jakarta over anti-Islam film

(Asia One) – JAKARTA – A rally protesting the movie, Innocence of Muslims, turned chaotic as members of the Islamic Society Forum (FUI) clashed with police in front of the US Embassy in Jakarta on Monday.

The clash was sparked after the Central Jakarta Police officers blasted tear gas at hundreds of FUI members. Protesters retaliated by throwing rocks at police officers.

The group demanded that the US government punish the film director for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

“According to Islamic law, [the director] must face the death penalty,” said the rally coordinator Bernad Abdul Jabbar to The Jakarta Post earlier on Monday.

The FUI began the protest at 1 p.m. by marching from the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle to the embassy.

“It is supposed to be a peaceful rally. However, several members brought eggs with the intention of throwing them. The bottom line is we don’t want the protest to be chaotic,” he added.

Central Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Angesta Romano Yoyol previously said that they had deployed 2,000 personnel to guard the rally.

Jakarta Police chief Untung S. Rajab reportedly came to the scene, in an effort to calm down the protesters.