MIC is doomed to destruction

Thuraisingham Shan

If the current leaders who have not been elected to consolidate their positions, they should not be given the mandate to continue leading the Party.  The Party leadership which took over the MIC from our former leader, Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, has to immediately call for elections to consolidate their elected representation for the Indian community.

For a start, the MIC Acting President should outline a strategy for the community with his elevation to the Ministerial position to consolidate the well-being of the Indian community.  It was months ago that he had been appointed, but is yet to have a proper blueprint for this downtrodden community.

Salient guidelines drawn up by Private Sector Initiatives of the Indian ETP programme has been shot down by the leadership, with no rhyme or reason.  The Prime Minister’s initiative to set up a cooperative has been raided by the political leaders of MIC.

It had been a tradition that each of our previous MIC leaders had initiated a cooperative of their own:  albeit Tun Sambanthan initiated the National Land Finance Cooperative Society;  Tan Sri Manickavasagam pioneered the setting up of Koperasi Nesa, and Datuk Seri Samy Vellu founded Koperasi Pekerjajaya.  However, the current Acting President has taken refuge in the Prime Minister’s initiated Koperasi, the so-called Koperasi Suria, which is functioning in contravention of the Cooperatives Act and its rules and regulations were also registered bypassing the salient requirements of the Act.  The two MIC leaders should keep away from this Prime Minister initiated venture for the community.

It is an irony that the Special Indian Task Force initiating a forum of “Energising the Indian Cooperatives” seems to be a mundane affair with no firm, positive, follow-up action.  Much enthusiasm prevailed from the 300-odd representatives from the existing 72 Indian based cooperatives who were present at the forum.

The MIC should react with much concern to the matters raised, where pertinent matters raised were to be acted upon, with a task force group to be set up for prompt  follow-up action.  Nonetheless, the forum can be equated to a “Verbal Diarrhoea” session, akin to  “A tale told by an idiot is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

The italicised caption of this article speaks well of the leadership of the community.  Various attempts to meet the leader had been thwarted with lame excuses and the finale was the rotten words of doom as per the caption.

The Indian representation is doomed to anhilation, if drastic steps are not initiated immediately with a sense of urgency.  The misfits and the leaders who were rejected by the electorate should best step out of the foray immediately.

It is a fervent hope that the Prime Minister would help alleviate the predicament of the Indian community’s dissatisfaction with concerted new ideas to garner the support of the Indian community for the coming GE13, where the role of the Indian community is crucial.  Alternatively, the Prime Minister and PEMANDU should make public the Key Performance Index analysis of the Ministry for the Indian affairs.  The public are not even aware of the structure of the Ministry and it specifications for the Indian community, rather than the words of misery captioned by the above so-called leaders.