Anonymous letter warns Najib of Indian ‘gang threat’

An ‘Umno member’ warns the prime minister of the rise of Indian gangs in the country which may cause another Hindraf-like political tsunami if not addressed urgently. 

Teoh El Sen, FMT

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has apparently been warned of an alleged threat of gangsterism among the Indian community which would, if left unchecked, indirectly cause the Barisan Nasional government to lose votes in the next general election.

An anonymous letter purportedly written by a “concerned Umno member” and sent to Najib on April 20, urged the Umno president to treat the matter seriously or risk another “political tsunami” akin to 2008, which the Hindraf movement had contributed to.

In the letter, seen by FMT, the “Umno member from Selayang Baru” implicated the MIC and the police for being complicit in allowing “Gang 36″ to gain more influence and power.

The author claimed that on Dec 3, 2011, MIC organised a Deepavali event at The Mines, Sri Kembangan, where about 7,000 Indian youths who attended were made up of “almost 99%” of Gang 36 members.

Several prominent politicians from BN officiated at the event, with the author naming three of them in the letter. They included two members of parliaments and a minister.

Repeated attempts to contact the three national leaders for comments were unsuccessful.

“Close to 99% of the Indian youths who attended were from Gang 36. The behaviour, character and clothing of these youths were very embarrassing. Their actions not only taint the image of MIC but also BN,” wrote the “Umno member”.

The writer claimed that a number of these youths even wore the “Geng 36″ T-shirts and waved the “Gang 36″ flag openly. They were also displaying the Sanskrit Aum symbol(picture below) which is said to be used as the gang’s logo.

“That event gave a bad impression, especially the Indian community towards BN party. The event also clearly shows an attempt by Gang 36 to fortify its positions through politics.”

The writer also said the event has become the talk of the town among the Indian community, and defeated MIC’s attempt to portray a new image after their alleged “failure” under former MIC president S Samy Vellu.

The writer said that it was his opinion that the leader of the gang, who he claimed is involved in drug trafficking and other crimes, is trying to use politics to clear the gang’s criminal records and reign supreme in the country.

‘Conspiracy brewing’

“The attempt of Gang 36 to enter politics to fortify its position should be stopped so that the opposition does not use this issue to deny [BN] the votes of the Indians.

“Yang Amat Berhormat [prime minister], don’t treat this issue as merely an Indian one. Hindraf, which was considered a small matter, created such a big impact in 2008 and four states fell to the opposition’s hands.

“A conspiracy is brewing to accuse the government, particularly Umno, of ethnic cleansing of the Indian community by taking a lax attitude towards gangsterism in Malaysia. The police all over the country have been bribed in the millions by Gang 36.”