1 Malaysia, 2 Laws


Anwar Ibrahim has raised a very valid point. Malaysia is one country with two sets of laws. Hence ‘1 Malaysia, 2 undang-undang’ is very apt to describe Malaysia. And these are the kind of things I wish to hear from the opposition and the Opposition Leader in Parliament.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

1 Malaysia 2 undang-undang

Orang kecil dan miskin namanya ‘corruption’. Orang besar curi namanya ‘komisyen’. Komisyen halal. ’Corruption’ haram, kata Anwar Ibrahim.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menyifatkan negara mengamalkan dua undang-undang yang berbeza ketika mengulas tindakan pantas pihak berkuasa ke atas individu-individu yang memijak gambar Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“Malaysia mengamalkan konsep ‘1 Malaysia 2 undang-undang’,” katanya pada majlis ceramah ‘Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat’ di Rantau dekat sini malam tadi.

Tegas beliau, “saya tidak setuju tindakan anak muda yang memijak gambar Najib. Tapi kalau orang lain kencing gambar Menteri Besar Kelantan, Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, tak apa? Tunjuk punggung kepada Pengerusi Bersih, Dato’ S Ambiga tak apa?”

“Baling batu di ceramah saya dan Nurul Izzah (Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai) di Lembah Pantai. Pecah cermin kereta saya….pasal apa? Apa jenis manusia macam ini? Kamu ingat kamu orang besar hukum lain?” soal Ketua Umum PKR itu.

“Hukum ini tidak kenal pangkat. Ini 1 Malaysia! 1 Malaysia apa? Satu undang-undang untuk orang kaya, satu undang-undang untuk orang miskin.”

“Satu undang-undang untuk menteri Umno, rasuah pun tidak apa, tutup semua. Satu undang-undang untuk orang dibawah. Polis ambil 100 ringgit, ‘charge’,’ katanya.

Anwar yang juga Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh berkata sepatutnya undang-undang ini tidak kenal keturunan dan pangkat.

“Seperti saya kata rasuah 200 ringgit polis, tangkap! Rasuah setengah bilion ringgit kapal selam, lepas!”

“Orang kecil dan miskin namanya ‘corruption’ (rasuah). Orang besar curi namanya ‘komisyen’. Komisyen halal. ’Corruption’ haram.”

“Pemimpin yang tidak sanggup laksanakan ilmu ‘rule of law’ tetapi ikut ‘law of the jungle’ mesti diturunkan ke bawah dan ditumbangkan”, kata Anwar.

Anwar juga berkata perangai pemimpin Umno ibarat ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’ dan seterusnya rakaman video perbahasan di parlimen ditayangkan kepada orang ramai.

Beliau menegaskan, “mereka menfitnah saya memiliki RM3 bilion, ketika saya berbahas di parlimen ada di antara mereka menjerit tiga bilion!”

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Anwar Ibrahim has raised a very valid point. Malaysia is one country with two sets of laws. Hence ‘1 Malaysia, 2 undang-undang’ is very apt to describe Malaysia. And these are the kind of things I wish to hear from the opposition and the Opposition Leader in Parliament.

Malaysia practices selective prosecution, or more aptly, persecution. Friends are spared and enemies are crucified. And this is not a new phenomenon. This has been going on for quite some time, 30 years to be exact.

In the beginning, for the first 25 years or so, it was not too bad. And that was because we had noble men and gentlemen (and women) to lead the nation — not only as Prime Minister, but in the Cabinet, civil service, police force, military, etc., as well.

In those days, you were put in charge based on meritocracy. Today, it is based on your political affiliation. And don’t just look at Barisan Nasional when I say this. This is the current Malaysian culture. So it means the opposition practices this as well.

And that was one of my grouses with Pakatan Rakyat when I revealed that lawyers aligned to Pakatan Rakyat or leaders of Pakatan Rakyat were getting the legal work from the Pakatan Rakyat-led state governments. Even the DAP leaders have come out to reveal this.

Some may argue that when Barisan Nasional was running those states the Barisan Nasional lawyers were getting this legal work. So what is wrong if Pakatan Rakyat lawyers get the legal work now that Pakatan Rakyat is in charge?

If I really need to reply to that question then Malaysia is in far greater trouble than I originally thought. It is like trying to reply to a question from an Atheist asking me whether I can prove that God exists. The fact that that question has even been raised means that person is already convinced that God does not exist. Hence would it not be futile to even attempt to reply?

This is not just about corruption and abuse of power. This extends farther than that. It is about what you perceive as moral and what you perceive as immoral. And if I need to give you a lesson in morality then I am doomed from the start. To a prostitute, offering sex for money has nothing to do with morality but is all about earning a living.

And are they not called ‘sex workers’ instead of ‘prostitutes’ in some countries? Hence they are workers just like you and me who work in an office or do a blue-collar job. It is about cari makan (look for food) and is therefore not in the least immoral. After all, everyone has a mouth or mouths to feed. So is not spreading one’s leg better than robbing a bank or selling drugs to children?

As Anwar said, Malaysia has 2 legal systems — that’s for sure. And Anwar has offered some examples to support this point. I would like to highlight some others, which Anwar has missed.

If you are a non-Muslim who is caught having illicit sex with a Muslim only the Muslim goes to jail. If you are non-Muslims drinking beer or having lunch with Muslims during the fasting month of Ramadhan only the Muslims get arrested.

If you are a non-Muslim owner of a hotel, restaurant, bar, pub, disco, etc., that sells liquor and you employ Muslim staff they would be arrested. But if you are a Muslim owner, your Muslim staff would not be arrested.

If you are of Chinese or Indian descent whose forefathers came to Malaya 500 years ago you will not be a Bumiputera or son/daughter of the soil. If you were born in Indonesia or the Philippines and are of Muslim persuasion and you migrated to Malaysia yesterday you will be given citizenship with a Bumiputera status thrown in.

Yes, I can go on and on and bore you to death. Suffice to say that Malaysia may be 1 Malaysia but it has two sets of undang-undang. Hence Anwar is right. But Anwar needs to educate Malaysians on how far this sickness extends.

Anwar needs to also explain that Muslims can preach Islam to Christians but Christians cannot preach Christianity to Muslims. Qur’ans can be printed in English but Bibles cannot be printed in Malay. Christians can convert to Islam but Muslims cannot convert to Christianity.

And the list goes on, examples of 1 Malaysia but 2 undang-undang.

I am beginning to like what Anwar says. So I might yet support him in his bid to become Malaysia’s next Prime Minister. We only need Anwar to take that one more step in calling a spade a spade and tell us in detail why Malaysia might be 1 Malaysia but has 2 undang-undang.

And when that happens you will then see me appealing to Malaysians to support Anwar as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. But I first need to see Anwar take that one extra step so that Malaysians can get a better grasp of what he means when he says ‘1 Malaysia 2 undang-undang’.