Only the 21st-century generation can make a whole complete change

To some, the present government may be performing alright but just give it a thought! The new government might even perform much better. The results can only be known if you go for change, otherwise it is fruitless to keep on arguing and complaining about the present government.

Richard Loh

There is still a slight chance for change in the coming GE 13 if the fence-sitters, present younger generation and those who claim to be non-partisan can come to their senses that the present ruling government will not forgo their in-depth luxury, extravagant lifestyle and power in order to perform their national duty to serve and care for the rakyat.

“We want a good, reliable and honest Government,” is the clarion call from the younger generation of today. But is this enough to change the mindset of the ruling government which has ruled the nation for 55 years?

The present younger generation is well-educated and connected with one another, locally and worldwide, thanks to modern technology. But, yet again, how far can they achieve what they want?

Many so-called non-partisan NGOs are sprouting to put pressure on the government not to ignore the people’s voices about the many wrongdoings and the heinous laws being enacted. Yes, the NGOs are happy that the government finally gave in to their demands but hang on! Don’t celebrate as yet. The government is smarter than you think. It allows you to take 1 step forward but cleverly pushes you two steps backwards.

Some NGOs are just happy with this but others know they have to start all over again pushing for a total revamp. Can they do it? With the mood and actions lately, I presume everyone thinks that they can. I choose to differ.

The younger generation is fighting against a well-entrenched older generation of leaders. These are leaders with mindsets of their own, who still think they know what is best for the country and have no intention whatsoever to make the right changes or correct their arrogant, racist and corrupt attitude?

With all these, it boils down to a decision : if you really want a good, reliable and honest Government you have to change the government of the day. But, honestly, how many of them want that to happen? The thinking of the present younger generation is that they are non-partisan. And by doing what they are doing now, they think they can somehow persuade the present government to bow to their demands. I wish them best of luck.

There are a few NGOs run by the older generation of leaders that can see it is futile to convince the ruling government to stop being arrogant, racist and corrupt. They want to see a change in government but they have worries of their own and are undecided which party to trust to take over.

So therein lies the complication : they want to change the present government but can’t trust anyone else to take over. They claim that all politicians are the same, that there are no good people around and once elected, they will forget that it is their duty to serve.

Funny thing is, these people, young and old, keep complaining the present government is no good and the opposition is no good as well but they don’t realise that a government is formed by politicians. When you reject all politicians, you will not have a government to run the country.

You want a third force or independent candidates but ain’t they politicians once they contest in a general election? A zero-sum game! 

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