DAP urged to act against Karpal on anti-hudud views

(The Star) – Several PAS leaders want DAP to take action against its chairman Karpal Singh for fanning sentiments against hudud law as propagated by PAS.

However, they dare not say it openly for fear of repercussions as they are obligated to maintain a good rapport with their Pakatan Rakyat partners.

“Sooner or later, this matter is bound to explode because no action is taken against DAP leaders who made the statements that are detrimental to Pakatan,” said a PAS leader.

The leaders were responding to mounting pressure from certain quarters to take stern action against former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa for suggesting that PAS should review its position in Pakatan in view of Karpal’s strong objection against hudud.

Another PAS leader noted that while pressure was mounting against Nasharudin for merely airing his view, DAP had remained silent over Karpal’s statements which had hurt PAS.

“And it is even sadder that the parasites’ within PAS are working against the party’s interests,” said another leader.

Meanwhile, the party’s deputy spiritual leader Datuk Dr Harun Din (picture) cautioned members against the munafikul (hypocrite) faction who could weaken the party from within.

He added that the existence of such destructive pressure group would not come as a surprise as their influence had been felt over the years in the course of the party’s struggle.

“Such groups may exist, or may not exist now. But if they do exist, it is not something peculiar as even during the era of Prophet Muhammad, the munafikul faction had attacked from within to weaken Islam,” he said.

Dr Harun also said the party’s Syura council would decide on Sept 9 if action should be taken against Nasharudin.

“I do not know the exact words used by Nasharudin. But urging PAS to review its position in Pakatan does not mean asking PAS to withdraw from the coalition.

“Reviewing one’s position could also mean looking at the benefits and shortcomings and rectifying problems,” said Dr Harun.