Seat distribution in Pakatan almost complete

(Bernama) – Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said today allocation of seats to be contested by parties in the opposition coalition for the upcoming 13th general election was about completed.

He said they would negotiate based on consensus should there be additional suggestions.

“We will discuss if there are new suggestions. In Kelantan it is complete, while Penang is almost done,” he told reporters after speaking at a programme here today.

On the implementation of Hudud law, Anwar said implementation at the national-level depended on amendments to the Federal Constitution.

In another development, DAP will submit a private members bill in pushing for an anti-hopping law when Parliament reconvenes on Sept 25.

Party chairman Karpal Singh said this was necessary as Article 10 (1)(c) of the Federal Constitution would have to be amended first to enable an anti-hopping law to be enacted.

“To bring in the anti-hopping law, you have to amend Article 10 (1)(c) which says there is right of association including the right to join or leave a party,” he told a press conference in Penang today.

He said the Penang government was looking at enacting an anti-hopping law in November but it would be unconstitutional unless there was a change in the Federal Constitution.

To make the (anti-hopping) law constitutional, he said there must be either a change to Article 10 (1)(c) or bring up to the Federal Court to review its 1992 decision whereby it decided that an anti-hopping law enactment passed by the Kelantan state assembly was unconstitutional.