Ex-DAP man counters phantom members charge

Tan Tuan Tat dares DAP disciplinary committee head Tan Kok Wai to prove him wrong instead.

K Pragalath, FMT

Tan Tuan Tat, who quit DAP on Aug 16, has come forward with evidence to counter the allegation by the party against him.

The party’s disciplinary committee chairman Tan Kok Wai had hauled up Tuan Tat over the allegation that the latter created 149 phantom members to form three branches in Sepang.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Tuan Tat demanded proof.

“You alleged that I forged 149 memberships using their MyKads collected from an event without their knowledge. Where was the event held? What event is it? When was it held? Prove it to me.

“I did not do any events to open up branches,” he said, adding that the 149 people had requested him to assist them in delivering their membership application forms.

Six of the 149 were present at the press conference.

One of them, Mahfuz Wahid, a former PKR Sepang member represented the six who wanted to join DAP.

“I collected the MyKads along with membership fees and passed it to Tuan Tat so why is DAP accusing him of creating phantom members?” he asked.

“I left PKR because they favoured some people and it turns out to be thesame here as well,” he added.

All 149 applications were rejected by DAP.

“Now I am glad that they rejected my application because my conscience would be at odds had they accepted me as a party member,” said Mahfuz.

He also criticised Pakatan Rakyat as he lacked confidence in their leadership.

“Pakatan speaks nonsense. I would not support them since they only promise and yet do not keep their word,” he added.