Penang DAP is to seek an official clarification from its PKR counterpart on details in its leaked meeting minutes, which include disparaging remarks about DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

State DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow said the contentious material in the leaked documents includes state PKR chief Mansor Othman’s labelling Lim as an “arrogant” leader.

Chow (above) also denied claims by PKR leaders, as quoted in the minutes, that DAP wants to contest more seats in Penang and ruled out the possibility of three-cornered fights involving Pakatan Rakyat component parties.

“Any comments regarding seat arrangements in Penang in the online news portal are solely made in the context of internal PKR electoral discussion and in no way reflect  reality,”  said Chow, who is also a state cabinet member.

Chow was responding to a Malaysiakini report today quoting Mansor as admitting that the minutes were leaked and that the contents reflected “genuine concerns” of PKR party members.

‘Arrogant tokong’

The minutes, which detail Penang PKR’s March 19 strategic meeting, were leaked on a blog titled “Gelagat Anwar” in June.

According to the documents, several PKR leaders, including Mansor, had discussed seat allocations for the coming general election.

mansor swearing-in 030609 guan eng congratulateDuring the meeting, some PKR leaders had expressed their concerns over seat negotiations with the DAP, the dominant among the three Pakatan components in Penang, and the possibility of three- cornered fights.

Mansor had assured his subordinates that he would not budge, and asked his deputy, Law Choo Kiang, to prepare a second list – with at least 10 Chinese members in case they have to face DAP in three-cornered fights.

Mansor had also said that the influence of PKR Chinese candidates was a “threat” to the DAP.

Mansor had been quoted as saying that it was difficult to work with Lim as he was increasingly becoming “arrogant”, but noted that he was revered as a tokong (deity in Hokkien) by the local Chinese.

Press conference tomorrow

When contacted, Lim said he has spoken to Mansor and the latter has officially given him a satisfactory clarification.

Lim will be appearing at a press conference with Mansor tomorrow at the state administrative office in Komtar at 11am.

According to sources, Mansor is expected to deny the comments he has made about Lim in the leaked minutes.

However, if Mansor expresses his denial, it would contradict what he told Malaysiakini during a Hari Raya open house that the issues raised in the meeting were of “genuine concern”.